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The Marble Store mission statement is to offer the largest selection of natural stone in the United Kingdom and ensure superior quality at the best price. The Marble Store has over 16 years of experience in the stone industry and sales combined and are now one of the premier producers of granite worktops in the country.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing worktops to the highest standard of design in the finest quality granite. Our worktops are renowned for their superior finish which can only be achieved by our experienced masonry skills, and the latest precision machinery.

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There are dozens of different materials you could choose for your kitchen or bathroom worktops. In fact, as styles evolve, we are seeing materials traditionally exclusive to these spaces appearing throughout the home for more synchronicity and flow. When it comes to marble, granite and quartz, however – there is an extra feeling of luxury that all three offers to any home.

Although often discussed together, these three materials differ in numerous ways, each bringing its own set of benefits to a space – but what are the differences?

Both granite and marble worktops are actually natural stone slabs. Unlike quartz, which is man-made, a fact that many don’t realise.

Granite and marble are quarried from the ground in large blocks which are then cut, shaped and polished to fit the customer’s requirements. Quartz worktops are made from around 90% crushed quartz and then mixed with approximately 7% resin, polymers and pigments.

As Quartz worktops are manufactured, they come in a wide range of colours, and designs – providing variety for those customers who have something specific in mind. Granite, however, comes in more natural stone colours.

Marble is very distinctive with its veined appearance and is most often seen in black and white.

This depends on many things and unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer! The price is down to several factors including which brand it is, and – in the case of marble and granite – where it has come from. The thickness of the worktops is obviously a factor, and some of the cheaper brands achieve a lower price by offering thinner cuts of the marble, granite or quartz.

In the long term, cheap quartz can stain, and the surface can become textured. However cheap granite is rarely a good quality, and this can be spotted a mile off.

We would always recommend shopping around and going to see the material you will be buying, before you commit.

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen worktops and looks great in both modern and traditional houses. This is primarily thanks to its neutral design and high durability, making it ideal for a range of applications.

Marble is a popular choice for high-end homes as it has long been associated with luxury.

Quartz, as previously mentioned, comes in a fantastic range of colours including colours not found in the natural stone shades of marble and granite.

In the end, the choice for most people between marble, granite, and quartz comes down to their personal preference on the appearance of the worktops; the bottom line is that either granite, marble or quartz will add the wow factor to your kitchen, bathroom – or anywhere else for that matter! It can also potentially add value to your home.

Our showroom is the ideal place to come and see examples of marble, granite, and quartz to help you decide which one is right for you.

Granite and marble are both naturally porous stones, and so must be sealed to prevent staining. We recommend that this is done every year. Quartz is non-porous and so does not require sealing. Of the three materials, quartz and granite are the strongest.

That being said, between granite and quartz, granite is much less likely to show signs of wear with scratches or marks – and so those opting for quartz should take extra care to avoid any damage being done.

If you’re considering updating your kitchen worktops, then you may be wondering which material to opt for. Here at The Marble Store, we specialise in marble worktops, but we also supply a selection of other stone worktops to suit a range of requirements and budgets.

If a marble worktop is your favoured option, the first thing you may be thinking about is the price. Whilst it’s true that marble worktops cost more than other applications such as granite, it is also highly durable, aesthetically superior and can make a really great investment.

So, how much do marble worktops cost? Unfortunately, there is no one right answer to this question. The type, size and width of marble you go for all have an impact on the final cost, and so we could never give a generic reply. However, we’re confident that we are amongst the most competitive marble worktop suppliers in the UK and are more than happy to discuss our vast range with you to find one that fits your décor and your budget perfectly!

Yes. Marble worktops not only look great but are durable too. Naturally cool to the touch and resistant to heat, they make a favourable choice for those who like spending time cooking and being creative in the kitchen, as catching the surface with a hot pan or dish won’t burn or melt the stone.

That said, we would never recommend placing a piping hot pan directly on any surface – be it marble, granite, or quartz – as you run the risk or discolouration and damage over time.

Marble is a porous stone, which does mean that if spills are left unattended, it can absorb stains. Liquids like red wine and oil are the usual kitchen culprits but all that is needed is a little care and, as long as you remember to wipe a stain up when you see it, your marble will stay looking as good as new. In fact, provided your work surface is professionally sealed when it is first installed, and regularly maintained, there’s no reason why you can’t gain a lifetime of enjoyment from marble worktops.

Granite, quartz, marble – we love them all here at The Marble Store. And, used in the right way, with the right design, they can all create a show stopping kitchen with real wow factor.

But, if it’s absolute exclusivity you crave, there’s only one choice – marble worktops.  

Thanks to the unique way marble is formed, no two pieces are ever the same, meaning your chosen worktop won’t be found anywhere else! Why not browse our range of marble worktops now or get in touch with the team to find out more about how a marble worktop could transform your kitchen.

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