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Brand : Neolith

Available Thicknesses : 12mm, 6mm,

Available Finishes : Satin,

Neolith Nero:

Neolith Nero is one of the world’s most durable collections for a kitchen worktop. Neolith Nero is part of the colorfeel collection, Neolith Nero is an exceptional deep black with a matte look to it which goes well with any style/trend. Neolith Nero distributes sophistication wherever it is use, whether that being a small or larger piece of stone. Neolith Nero comes in a satin finish.

The different characteristic of Neolith Nero consist of:

  • Neolith Nero is immune to high temperatures; therefore, one would able to put all appliances such as pans/pots and baking trays straight onto the work surface from the hob/oven as Neolith Nero does not burn.


  • Neolith Nero is not affected by sunlight. Commonly man-made stones can/will discolour with UV Rays Although Neolith Nero will not.


  • Neolith Nero is available in 12mm thickness for worktops, 6mm and 3mm thickness for walls and floors.


  • It’s not just high temperatures that Neolith Nero is affected by but also low temperatures.


  • An important property of Neolith Nero is that it is scratch proof due to the solidity of the stone.


  • Neolith Nero is non-porous and also water proof, so this means that if a liquid is left for long periods on the work surface, there will not be a stain like there would be on natural stones such as granite or marble.


  • You can clean Neolith Nero with every chemical cleaning agent. This stone is 100% stain proof and appropriate for contact with all food groups.


  • The whole Neolith colorfeel collection is very resistant to bending and can take high pressure and weight loads.


  • The formation of the stone has no resin and is made up of around 50% recycled materials.


We are able to manufacture Neolith Nero in any sizes fit for kitchen worktops, the longest run in one piece would be 3.2 metres with a width of 1.5 metres.

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