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Travertino Navona

Travertino NavonaThis is the caption to image 001

Brand : Neolith

Available Thicknesses : 12mm, 6mm,

Available Finishes : Polished,

Neolith Travertino Navona:

Neolith Travertino Navona is one of the world’s most durable collections for a kitchen worktop. Neolith Travertino Navona is part of the Classtone collection.; Neolith Travertino Navona is a beige coloured stone that is fantastic representation of natural travertine. It shows the fine layers of sedimentary rock in detail. With indistinct wavey layers of beige, gold white and cream. Travertino Navona has defined sand/grain granule atoms which add something special to the stone as it stimulating to the eye. This is a material that is used for interiors and exteriors in order to have a natural and new feel to it.

Travertino Navona would work extremely well in many different settings and match multiple stones due to the fact that it has a current/up to date look. Neolith Travertino Navona comes in a polished finish.

 The properties of Neolith Travertino Navona include:

  • Neolith Travertino Navona cannot be affected by high temperatures; this means one could put all utensils straight onto the work surface from the hob/oven this is due to the fact that Neolith Travertino Navona does not burn.


  • Neolith Travertino Navona is resistant to sunlight. Often man-made stones tend to discolour with UV Rays Although Neolith Travertino Navona will not.


  • Neolith Travertino Navona is attainable in 6mm and 3mm thickness for walls and floors.


  • It’s not just high temperatures that Neolith Travertino Navona is resistant to but also low temperatures.


  • A significant property of Neolith Travertino Navona is that it is scratch proof due to the hardness of the stone.


  • Neolith Travertino Navona is non-porous as well as water proof, this consequently means that if a liquid is left for long periods of time on the work surface, there will not be a stain like there would be on natural stones like granite or marble.


  • You can clean Neolith Travertino Navona with every chemical cleaning agent. This stone is 100% stain proof and appropriate for contact with all food groups.


  • The whole Neolith Classtone collection is absolutely resistant to bending and can take high pressure and weight loads.


  • The formation of the stone has no resin and is made up of around 50% recycled materials.


We are able to manufacture Neolith Travertino Navona in any sizes fit for kitchen worktops, the longest run in one piece would be 3.2 metres with a width of 1.5 metres.

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