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TPB Tech worktops

TPB Tech worktops are the first worktops you can cook on. We showcased this brand new technology recently at the Grand Designs Live Exhibition 2016 and the response we had was overwhelming.

TPB Tech truly revolutionises the concept of cooking by incorporating an induction hob within the worktop. Your hob is incorporated within the architecture. It allows for truly unique design ideas and helps to achieve a modern, sleek and pristine look that cannot be found with a standard hob. An induction hob works by using electromagnetic energy. The energy passes through the worktop and the heat passes to the pan directly. Cooking by this method is quick and easy. You can change the temperature almost immediately, just like you would with a gas hob. It heats up instantly. It is also extremely energy efficient.

What Is TPB Tech

TPB Tech is the most family friendly hob on the market. It is extremely easy to use with its simple but functional buttons and because of the way the induction hob generates heat, you can touch the cooking surface almost immediately without burning yourself. The only residual heat is from left from the pan itself. No heat is produced unless there is a pan on the stove, even when the hob is turned on.

The worktops are made from a porcelain-ceramic composition incorporating an aluminium layer. This layer helps to diffuse the residual heat left over from the cooking pan and allows the worktop to be flexible.

There are many benefits to having a porcelain-ceramic surfaces. They are stain-proof, scratch resistant, impact resistant, easy to clean, they will withstand extreme heat and as they are non-porous, they are easy to clean and bacteria cannot flourish.

TPB is currently available in 5 unique surfaces a with more colour expected to be available soon.

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