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Advice on taking care of your worktops


  1. Regularly clean your surfaces with a damp cloth. Dry-off worktops to avoid dull patches appearing where hard water and soap residues may have been left behind during daily use. A light neutral (PH7) detergent may be safely added. Drainer grooves can be cleaned using 000 grade, non-oiled wire wool.
  2. Avoid the use of abrasive cleaners or scour pads.
  3. Glass and stainless steel cleaning cloths do a good job of leaving the granite smear free. A household spray polish, such as Pledge or Mr. Sheen can be applied to surfaces to clean and maintain the surface shine.
  4. Cutting on the stone worktops may scratch the granite and will blunt your kitchen knives very quickly! To be safe and ensure no damage is done to your worktop, please use a separate chopping board.
  5. Do not expose your granite worktop to excessive heat. For example do not place a very hot pan on the surface.
  6. Avoid the use of abrasives or strong detergent cleaners.
  7. Avoid contact with edges of work surfaces as chipping may otherwise occur.
  8. Granite and particularly marble are porous materials even when the surfaces and edges have been polished. The stone is treated before leaving the factory to help resist staining. Be mindful therefore of acidic and spirit based products such as wine, fruits and perfume. Care should also be taken with oil based products such as olive and cooking oils as these may stain if allowed to soak into the worktop. Should spillage occur, wipe off as soon as possible.
  9. Do not move your worktop from the original place of installation.
  10. Worktops should not be brought into contact with strong acids or chemicals, including paint stripper, brush cleaner, oven cleaner, nail varnish remover, degreasent or similar products.

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