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Granite Worktop Advice

Advice on taking care of your granite worktops

How to clean your granite worktop

Granite worktops are a fantastic choice. Hard wearing and supplied with a pre-sealed surface, they are easy to look after.

To keep granite work surfaces looking their absolute best, we recommend you:

1. Remove spills quickly. Try to avoid letting liquids dry on the surface of your granite worktop. Despite granite’s relatively non-porous nature, some substances can penetrate and leave irritating watermarks. To avoid any risk, if something spills onto your granite worktop, wipe immediately.

2. Clean granite with a neutral base cleaner. This can be achieved by mixing Fairy Liquid (the green one) with warm water but any light, neutral (pH7) detergent may be used safely. Astonish marble and granite cleaner is also recommended, as are other natural stone soap cleaners which can be easily purchased in most hardware stores or online. Drainer grooves can be cleaned using 000 grade, non-oiled wire wool.

3. Dry worktops. Avoid dull patches appearing and maximise the shine of your granite surface by making sure any hard water or soap residues are wiped away.

4. Use glass and stainless-steel cleaning cloths. These do a great job of leaving granite smear free. A household spray polish – such as Pledge or Mr. Sheen – can also be occasionally applied to surfaces, to maximise shine.

5. Avoid excessive heat. To protect your granite surface, we advise using a tripod or chopping board to place any hot pots or pans on.

6. Be mindful of acidic or chemical items. Think wine, fruits, oven cleaner, nail varnish remover, degreasant or similar products. Don’t cut lemons or anything citrus directly on your worktop and take care using any oil-based products, such as olive and cooking oils, as these may stain if allowed to soak into the worktop. If you do spill something, be sure to wipe it up as soon as possible.

7. Tackle stains. For removing ink, wine or similar stains from darker stones try using a lacquer thinner or acetone, but please note this should only be attempted if absolutely necessary.

8. Reseal worktops every year. To ensure the longevity of your granite worktop we recommend resealing every year. A sealer can be purchased from any hardware store or online – we often suggest Lithofin sealer but there are plenty of alternatives out there that are just as good.


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