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Quartz Worktop Advice

Advice on taking care of your quartz worktops

How to clean your quartz worktop

Quartz requires minimal maintenance to stay looking great. Just follow these simple recommendations to help preserve the quality and lifespan of your quartz worktop:


1. Wipe up spills. Whilst quartz is a hardy worktop the faster you act on spills, the better. Simply wipe away any oil, grease, wine, coffee etc, as soon as possible to protect your surface.

2. Opt for a neutral base cleaner. Original Fairy Liquid mixed with warm water is ideal for this, but any detergent with a neutral pH can be used (Astonish surface cleaner is another recommendation).

To tackle the nooks and crannies of draining areas, a non-oiled 000 grade wire wool can be used with care.

3. Dry work surfaces. A build-up of water and soap residue will dull the natural shine of your quartz surface over time. To avoid this, simply wipe any residue away and ensure surfaces are buffed dry.    

4. Use special cleaning cloths. Make light work of drying surfaces and achieve fast, smear-free results by using microfibre cleaning cloths.

5. Avoid direct sunlight. Quartz is not recommended for outdoor use or in places subject to strong direct sunlight or UV lighting.

6. Do not expose quartz to excessive heat. We recommend sitting hot pans and dishes on a tripod or chopping board to avoid the risk of heat damage.

7. Don’t use a sealer. Never use a sealer or water-repellent on a composite work surface. Quartz is non-porous, therefore if a sealant is applied it will sit on top of the surface – this can trap dirt particles, encourage marks, and reduce the shine of your quartz.

8. Stubborn stains and limescale. Problem stains can be removed using vinegar mixed with water. Simply rubbed the stain with a cloth soaked in the vinegar/water solution, then rinse with clean water and leave to dry.

Silicon stains can be tackled using a small application of acetone or ethanol, but it is important to use with caution and ensure these solvents are immediately rinsed and thorough wiped away after use.

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