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Artscut Worktops




In the forests of Chantilly’s valleys hide away the beautiful Chantilly White Limestone. A beautiful material which has light veins running through creating waves within the stone. The material is renowned for its elegant subtlety, as well as its ability to work in bathrooms and kitchens. From this material, Artscut has taken inspiration from this beautiful product, from which we have designed and called ‘waves’.


Artscut creates waves by combining 92% natural quartz with polymers and resin elements. The compositions of the materials produce strong covalent bonds which are scratch and stain resistant. These properties have allowed quartz to become the leading material for kitchen worktops, while keeping the beautiful styles and patterns of ancient limestones.


Waves boasts a white background, with subtle taupe, grey and cloudy waves. The material has a traditional touch to it, although, it will still complete any contemporary style kitchen. While being unique, the material is closely related to a Marble style.

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