Things You Need to Know Before Getting Marble Worktops

When it comes to choosing kitchen worktops, classic white marble is still one of the top three choices for many homeowners. It’s a natural material with exceptional variety, depending on which type you select and how the stone is cut. … Continue reading

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Pros and Cons: Granite vs Quartz Worktops

When trying to come up with a new look for their home, some people find that choosing the perfect worktop material can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming. Why? It’s because the vast selection of worktop materials makes it difficult to … Continue reading

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Why You Should Choose Quality Granite Worktops

Buy low and sell high— that is the most important advice to follow when it comes to any form of investments. Purchasing a home is commonly considered as a long-term investment, but a lot of homeowners just presume that it … Continue reading

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Does Marble Complement a Granite Worktop?

Granite and marble have been top picks as worktop material for a long time. But seldom do we see the two materials adorn countertops together in one room. It is usually one type of stone or the other. If granite … Continue reading

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Significant Factors When Determining Your Worktops

Have you finally decided to change your worktops with some new ones? Change is always a good thing, and your kitchen (and bathroom) definitely deserves an upgrade. But then again, there are still some major decision-making that you have to … Continue reading

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Discover the Durability of Granite Worktops

One essential thing you should keep in mind about granite worktops is that from the moment they arrive at your property, they have already existed for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years. This natural stone will presumptively last for … Continue reading

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Popular Materials For Kitchen Worktops

Those days when you only had very few choices when it came to materials used to create kitchen counters are gone. The truth is, even the traditional looking laminate has undergone some upgrades to make it more up-to-date. Nowadays, there … Continue reading

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Granite Worktops Bring Elegance To Your Kitchen

Granite worktops are not only elegant and beautiful but are also highly functional. That is the reason why they have been so popular in both bathroom and kitchen use. Aside from its beauty, Granite worktops are also durable and hard-wearing … Continue reading

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Top Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Granite Worktops

Granite worktops have been extremely popularity for the past years now, and still in great demand for its high quality look with comparatively little maintenance. This worktop material is visually pleasing and highly long-lasting. Of course, just like with any … Continue reading

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Tips On How To Maintain Your Quartz Worktops

After purchasing your very own high-quality quartz worktops, of course you don’t want to damage them by merely doing something you do a lot of times in the kitchen— which is routine cleaning. Cleaning your quartz worktops doesn’t need to … Continue reading

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