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15 Tips To Choosing Your Kitchen Worktops


With so many options of kitchen worktops nowadays, choosing the right worktop is not an easy task. Kitchen worktops have a huge influence in every kitchen theme. When selecting a worktop, you need to make sure that it is durable enough to handle any of your kitchen activities, and matches your kitchen design as well as fitting your preferred budget.
Here are few ideas that can help you sorting out which kitchen worktop best suits your needs


Soapstone Kitchen Counter
Commonly used in laboratories, a soapstone worktop is popular because of its high resistance to stain including chemicals and bacteria. You might spend a little bit more on this but it surely will be a lifetime investment.


Granite Worktop
Granite is a popular material for a kitchen worktop, it has unique characteristics with grains, customizable finishes and colors. A durable worktop if properly sealed upon installation. However, prices may go up depending on what type of installation you want.


Copper Kitchen Worktop
Copper is a convenient type of kitchen worktop. Easy to clean and maintain. Still, copper is reactive to substances that results in changes in its color.


A Quartz Worktop
A quartz worktop is preferably fit for a customized home, every shade and scheme of an engineered quartz is possibly imaginable. This modernized product is a combination of ground quartz put together with resins and pigments which fit for a tough nonporous material.


Tile Kitchen Worktop
If you have to choose an affordable material for your worktop, a ceramic or stone tile will definitely fit not just for your budget but also for its stylish designs with plenty of variety to choose from. Although maintaining its neatness is quite hard with all the grout, better pick a more darker color.


Zinc Worktop
A zinc worktop is not usually used in modern kitchens today, but through time it has popularized because of the warmth it can give to the whole place. It has anti-microbial properties which makes it practical, having a stylish worktop at the same time clean and sanitary.


Recycled Paper-Based Kitchen Worktop
A recycled paper-based isn’t usually an ideal material for a kitchen worktop. However, today homeowners are realizing the worth of an ecofriendly material for their kitchen worktop. It has properties of mixed pigments and resins giving a similar look with a soapstone, the only difference is its cost that is half cheaper than soapstone and any other stone worktops.


Recycled Glass with Cement
If you want more details and style in your kitchen island, then this recycled glass with cement worktop best suits you. A customizable and durable type of material that can last through a lifetime.


Marble Kitchen Worktop
A marble has a classic and incomparable look that doesn’t go out of trend. For homeowners who have a heart for a seamless white kitchen then this material is definitely for you. Marble is common for its durability because of its developing patina. It has a milder and softer tone than a granite and although it has the tendency to be scraped and stained easily.


Concrete Kitchen Counter
A concrete kitchen counter can be very plain, but if you add it with dye, stains, and pigments it can possibly bring out the best visual sight and color to a kitchen. You can fashionably create a kitchen countertop you wish and desire.


The Stainless Steel Style
Stainless Steel are non-staining which makes it loved by many professional chefs, aside from that it has heat resistance features and is convenient to clean. For a busy kitchen with a lot of scratching this type of kitchen, worktop is the best choice. Stainless steel kitchen worktop certainly is more affordable than stone worktops.


Solid Surface Worktop
It has a similar look of a stone and sometimes wood. This kitchen material definitely has the look of a durable, clean and damage free worktop. Price range for this material is fair enough but it still depends on the manufacturer and supplier.


Wood Kitchen Worktop
Some say they prefer stone or steel kitchen worktop because wood just doesn’t seem to blend. But if you provide a high-quality type of wood with the exact type of sealer then you can make a durable and stylish wood kitchen worktop. Basically, the prices depend on the wood choice you have.

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