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5 reasons to choose granite worktops

Stylish, beautiful, and associated with luxury kitchen design, granite has long been heralded as the ultimate worktop choice.

These days it is just as desirable as it was way back when, but – thanks to companies like The Marble Store – this illustrious stone is now much more competitively priced, putting it’s attractive qualities within everyone’s reach.

But with a market that is now saturated with choice – quartz, wood, laminate, to name just a few – perhaps you’re wondering if a granite work surface is worthy of all the praise? Does it really live up to its name or are there other cheaper alternatives that might make a better option?

Here we take a closer look at this natural stone and highlight some of the key reasons for its popularity, so you can decide – once and for all – if it’s worthy of all the hype.


What is granite?

Formed over millions of years as a result of cooling pressurised magma, granite is an entirely natural stone. Despite this, it is available in a rainbow of colours – emerald green, blue pearl, African red – so whatever shade you’re searching for you’ll find a granite to match.


Why is granite so popular?


  1. Tough and durable

In terms of heat resistance granite is pretty much unrivalled by any other worktop out there and can easily withstand hot pots and pans being placed directly on its surface.

Add to this the fact that it is also scratch-resistant, and we start to see why it makes such an appealing choice for a kitchen worktop.


  1. Low maintenance

The surface of granite is ever so slightly porous but, thanks to a special seal (usually applied before fitting), it is ideal for repelling stains and bacteria. And the good news is, resealing is only required approximately once every 5 years. A good way to tell if your granite needs resealing is to see if water drops still bead on the surface – if they don’t, or it’s becoming harder to wipe up spills, it’s probably time to reseal.

To clean your granite worksurface, simply use mild soapy water and a wet cloth. Once you’re finished use a microfibre cloth to dry the surface and restore the shine.


  1. Increases the value of your home

Not only does a granite worktop look great, it can also add value to your home. How so? Kitchens are a key selling point for property, and a quality work surface makes your home more attractive to potential buyers, tempting them in and nudging your home ahead of the competition.


  1. Cost-effective

Despite costing more upfront, granite can work out to be the cheaper option in the long run. Pick a worktop that is cheap but easily damages, or that is on-trend but you’ll likely fall out with in a few years and you’ll end up throwing good money after bad. Invest in quality from the outset and you’ll be enjoying your purchase for many years to come.


  1. Always in fashion

Granite is a timeless choice. Its popularity has endured all kitchen fashion fads, and it remains one of the most popular choices for worktops out there – making it a sound investment.


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