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A beginner’s guide to worktop maintenance

As one of the most well-used spaces in the home, it’s important your kitchen is practical, attractive, and easy to maintain.

That can be easier said than done, though. With so many different surfaces on the market – all with different dos and don’ts – how do you know you’re getting it right?

Want to be sure you’re taking proper care of your worktop? Are you a fan of the easy life and want to know which surfaces are the easiest to look after? Whatever your reason for genning up, here The Marble Store offer everything you need to know with a beginner’s guide to worktop maintenance.

The dos and don’ts of looking after worktops

In essence, looking after any worktop should be relatively simple. There’s no real need for fancy branded (and expensive!) cleaners and special polishes. In many cases, the most effective clean can be achieved with the simple combination of warm soapy water, a lint-free cloth, and a little elbow grease.

That said, it’s important to be aware of the needs of different surfaces to help maintain their appearance and ensure longevity.

Wooden worktop maintenance

  • Wooden worktops require regular oiling – at least twice a year. To test if this needs doing, carry out a simple water test. Drop a small amount of water onto the surface.  If it beads, your worktop is still okay – if the water flattens out, it’s a sure sign it’s time to re-oil.
  • As a porous surface, it’s important to keep wood as dry as possible to avoid ring marks and stains. Mop up any spillages or wet patches immediately.
  • Whilst wood is more susceptible to damage than many other surfaces, signs of wear and tear are easily repaired by simply sanding the surface down and retreating.
  • Never place hot pots or pans directly on the surface of a wooden worktop, as this will leave scorch marks on the wood.
  • Wood is softer than you might think. Cutting directly onto a wooden worktop will damage and scratch the surface, spoiling the look and providing bacteria with an easy route into the timber – so be sure to always use a chopping board.

Laminate worktop maintenance

  • Laminate surfaces don’t require any ongoing care in terms of resealing or oiling.
  • Avoid placing hot pans down directly on laminate, even briefly, as this is likely to melt the surface.
  • Don’t use abrasive scouring pads or gritty cream cleaners, as these will scratch the worktop.
  • Cutting without a chopping board will chip and damage a laminate surface.

Granite worktop maintenance

  • Granite is less porous than marble so is less susceptible to staining, and also benefits from a more protective barrier against germs and bacteria.
  • Granite, particularly darker varieties, can show watermarks. To showcase its full impressive shine, after wiping the surface clean, buff with a dry cloth. This extra step in its care routine is worth it for those shiny end results.
  • As a highly durable worktop, granite can withstand the heat of hot pots and pans and is also scratch resistant – whilst not recommended, if you forget to use a chopping board, a granite worktop will live to tell the tale.
  • Granite surfaces usually come pre-sealed, but this won’t last forever. It will be necessary to apply a re-sealing treatment every 12 to 18 months.

Marble worktop maintenance

  • As marble is softer than other natural stone worktops, it’s recommended to always use a chopping board.
  • Marble worktops are naturally porous. They will also require annual resealing to prevent stains and spillages from being absorbed.

Quartz worktop maintenance

  • Quartz surfaces are non-porous, so there’s no need to factor in the time and expense of resealing treatments into their maintenance.
  • Despite being tough, non-porous, and highly resistant to scratches, quartz is still sensitive to heat. Exposure to prolonged heat will cause damage, so it’s advisable to use protective boards and pan rests.


Whilst all kitchen worktops are relatively easy to clean and look after, it’s solid surfaces such as marble, granite, and quartz that are the most durable and reliable in terms of maintaining their good looks long-term.

Is it too late for your current worktop? Is no amount of TLC going to restore it fully? Then now might be the perfect time to order a replacement.

Take a look at the beautiful collection of marble, quartz, and granite worktops available from The Marble Store. And should you need more help and advice about looking after different worktops, or guidance on picking the best surface for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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