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A Brief Introduction to Technistone Worktops

Technistone Worktops

Although natural stone is still highly popular among worktops for their dream kitchens, composite quartz materials are rapidly becoming a favourite choice. Available in a multitude of effects and colours, this high quality yet comparatively cheap worktops are non-porous, with exceptional hardness and low maintenance requirements.

Technistone, for example, consists primarily (93 per cent) of precisely selected, high-quality natural quartz and granite. These granulates are combined with various pigments and a selection of other quality ingredients and bound with a special filler and binder to produce durable, stain, chip and scratch-resistant worktops suitable for any architectural style or interior design.

For the Crystal or Classic range, natural milky or transparent quartz is imported from high-quality locations around the world. Classed as one of the world’s hardest minerals, quartz provides these products with a combination of beauty, purity and strength.

Classic, Kalahari, Karpat, Sonora, Taurus and Vesta are all parts of the granite range. Attractive natural granites are combined with silica sands and harmonised with the overall colour of the particular product to create the characteristic surface texture of granite. Primary features of this range include a sense of mass, achieved by the addition of granite, and a natural appearance with added strength and lack of moisture absorption, which is not present in purely natural stone.

Mirror-like compact granulates are used to create the non-traditional appearance of the highly glossy surfaces combined with mirror-like effects in the mirrors range. This range includes products in the Fresh, Starlight, Translucent and Venetian series, all of which use classic materials to provide a high-end, elegant image.

The sand range, which is commercially designated as Elegance or Gobi, for instance, is manufactured using selected silica sands, creating a characteristic fine surface texture. High surface resistance, the highest possible strength and a uniform appearance form the main features of this range.

All of these products share the same qualities, namely high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, cuts and scratches; non-porosity, which makes them highly hygienic and easy to clean, unique, elegant and radiant looks and a minimum of required maintenance.

The Marble Store offers great designs for Technistone. Call our numbers now at 0800 652 2013 / 0208 216 2051 and our attentive customer service will give you all the information you need.

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