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Achieving a sleek kitchen design with black granite worktops

Black granite and black quartz are both perfect for designing a sleek and modern kitchen or bathroom. It can be used for kitchen worktops, backsplashes, and even wall and floor tiles.

Black granite in particular has remained a popular choice. However, despite its name by no means does ‘black granite’ mean a completely featureless black finish – there are many styles available including:

Comparison of Black Granite Slab

Comparison of Black Granite Slab: Absolute Black, Star Galaxy, and Black Marinace

  • Absolute Black – with just a few odd flecks of very dark grey
  • Star Galaxy and Stargate Cosmos – both of which contain sparkling copper or gold flecks
  • The boldly patterned Black Marinace – containing larger fragments of white, grey and even multi-coloured materials
  • Grainy, sandy finishes such as the almost grey Impala Blue, Nero Profundo and Porto Branco

Each and every one of these finishes provides an excellent contrast to the glossy white furniture and sparkling chrome fittings used in so many of today’s stylish kitchens. And for the complete look, add in glass or chrome splashbacks and accentuate the granite’s sparkling finish with indirect lighting, a kitchen or bathroom can easily be transformed into a glittering dream.

Black granite and white furnishing

Quartz worktops has been growing in popularity over the last few years as an alternative to granite worktops. In contrast to granite (a naturally occurring material), quartz worktops are man-made. It is made with composite material manufactured from around 95 per cent quartz with crushed and ground granite and resin mixed in. Manufactured composite stone is produced in sheets or slabs and cut to size.

Black quartz worktops come in varying finishes – In the same way black granite has many variations in colour, texture, and design. These can be classified by the manufacturers who produce them.

Arenastone, for example, offers a choice of four black finishes, namely: Nero Stelline, Bruno Stelline, Nero Ebano and Nero Metallico.

Jet Black, Black Rocks, Obsidian Black, Ebony Reflections and Mosaic Bold Black are finishes in the CaesarStone range, while Cimstone offers Savana.

In the Compac range, consumers have a six choices between the black colours of Azabache, Cubrik, Ebano, Nocturno, Pierre Bleue and Negro Diamante.

Diresco offers a choice of three blacks: Beach or Divinity Black and Belgian Miner, while the blacks in the Okite range include Nero Assoluto and Prisma Nero, while Quarella’s choices are Evo Nero, Tormalina and Negro Luciente.

Other manufactueres producing quartz worktops include Silestone, Stone Italiana and Technistone. Let our worktop experts help you find the right black granite worktop that is suitable for your needs and budget. Please call us on 0208 216 2041 or use our contact form here.

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