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Antique Brown granite

Antique Brown Granite

Natural Antique Brown granite is quarried mostly in Angola. It is formed from uneven, dark brown crystals and often carries metallic mica reflections. Thin veins may also be present, sometimes looking slightly like fine cracks, although they are merely a part of the colouring.

The pearlised elements and variations of colour depths create a unique pattern for each slab of this stone. Overall, this material has a texture almost like glass, which is comparatively rare in granites. With a rich, chocolate-like colouring, Antique Brown granite is suitable to match most styles and types of kitchen, bathroom or even commercial settings.

The darker tones will blend particularly well with lighter woods, where they will provide a feeling of warmth. They look especially effective in combination with white or cream coloured kitchen units. For a setting including darker woods, the lighter tones will add a complimentary touch and brighten the areas in which they are used.

Available in polished finishes and in slab sizes of 20, 30 and 50 mm, Antique Brown granite naturally offers all the advantages granite has to offer. These include heat resistance, which means placing a hot pot or baking tray onto the worktop will not damage it. Cutting on granite will also not cause any damage, and once sealed, it also stains resistant. It should, however, be noted that granite does have to be resealed from time to time. On average, this procedure is necessary once approximately every two to three years, depending on the amount of heavy use the stone endures.

The non-porous quality of the sealed stone also makes it very hygienic. In addition, the beautiful colouring and pattern of granite will never fade or wear off. These qualities make this material suitable for counter or vanity tops, tiles, flooring, wall decorations and bath surrounds, as well as splash backs, reception area desks and more. In short, the magnificent, pearlised beauty, neutral tones and hard wearing quality of this material make it the perfect choice for any setting.

Granite will add value to any home or commercial premises, and because each piece is different, every kitchen, bathroom or reception desk will look unique, in spite of the vast popularity of this particular finish. With comparatively minor maintenance requirements, this stone will provide lasting elegance for years to come while continually providing safe and hygienic working conditions in kitchens and other areas.

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