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Are Natural Stone Worktops Indestructible?

It is a common belief that natural stone worktops are the ultimate choice for your home as they are to a certain extent, indestructible. After all, didn’t these stones last for millions of years?

Although this may be correct in some ways, sharp knives, wine drinkers, and heavy kitchen equipment do not exist in the place where these natural stones are generally found.

It’s true that natural stone worktops may not be completely indestructible, but there are other stone materials that are suggestively tough as well.


Granite Stone worktops – There are two main reasons why granite is such a popularly favoured material for home worktops, especially in the kitchen area.
To begin with, they are superbly stunning and rather unique. Also, they are precisely long-lasting, though this does not mean to say that they cannot be damaged at some point in time.

Important things you need to remember:

  • Always use a cutting board when slicing up your vegetables
  • Avoid dropping objects on the worktops
  • You should always utilize a stand for the hot pans
  • Also make sure to reseal them once a year or so
  • By no means should you stand on them (the surface might not withstand the weight)


Quartz Stone worktops – Quartz is also one of the most prevalent preferences for kitchen and on other areas where worktops are much needed. Though they too are not absolutely imperishable, they are still hard-wearing and can withstand the effect of everyday use.

They are even tougher than quality granite stones, while also being unaffected by most stains, even the tough ones. The main advantage of utilizing quartz worktops on your home is that they do not need to be sealed from time to time, which could be a practical factor to some home owners.

Do not hesitate to visit our Advice section if you want to know more information about how to properly manage Quartz, Granite, and some other worktop materials.

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