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Are white worktops a bad idea?

As summer arrives we naturally turn to lighter, brighter colours – and surely few shades are as fresh as crisp white?

But whilst there’s no denying white looks great, just how practical is it as a colour choice for worktops?

A white t-shirt can be treated and thrown in the washing machine, but how easy is it to keep white kitchen worktops looking clean? And more importantly, how much effort does it take?

Here we take a look at the reality of choosing white and highlight why, here at the Marble Store, we think white worktops are an excellent idea – whatever the season!


5 reasons white kitchen worktops are a great pick


#1 Versatile style

First and foremost, you can’t argue with a classic.

White is an iconic colour. Timeless yet contemporary, bold yet understated – how many other colours are this adaptable?

Whether you go all out with white marble worktops, white cupboards, and white walls or use the colour more sparingly to accentuate other shades and features in your kitchen, one thing is guaranteed – it’s going to look fab!

White worktops work with any colour of kitchen cupboards, flooring, or wall covering.


#2 Create more space (or at least pretend to!)

Okay, so white worktops aren’t magic, but they can perform some pretty neat tricks!

Using white helps to lift a room, generating a light and airy feel and creating the illusion of more space. Making white worktops the go-to if elbow room is tight.


#3 Clean and clear

There’s just something fresh and clean feeling about white, isn’t there? White kitchen worktops instantly make an environment feel hygienic but without appearing clinical.

You could even argue that keeping a white worktop clean is easier than a dark surface. Why? Because spills and dirt can’t hide as easily – any mess will be spotted and dealt with sooner.

And if you’re worried about stains – don’t be! Quartz, marble and granite worktops are all highly durable, stain-resistant surfaces. White quartz worktops in particular are naturally nonporous, and even stains from kitchen enemies like red wine and curry sauces won’t cause a problem.

Simply wipe up spills as soon as you spot them, and a white worktop should pose no more problems than any other colour.


#4 Keep things cool

Ovens, stoves, and boiling kettles are just some of the things that can cause kitchen temperatures to soar. And as the weather in the UK hots up for the summer, it’s natural to want to keep your kitchen as cool as possible.

Opening windows will help but also attract flies – not ideal if you’re preparing food. Changing the colour of your worktops, however, will work a treat!

White reflects light wavelengths. In contrast, black absorbs them. This causes black clothing, black objects and, yep, even dark worktops to radiate more heat. So if you’re keen to maintain a comfortable kitchen climate, white worktops are the perfect choice.

Go one better and opt for white marble worktops and you’re on to an even bigger winner, as marble in any colour is renowned for maintaining a cool surface – one of the reasons why it is favoured by pastry chefs!


#5 Lighten up

Reflecting light doesn’t just keep things cool – it brightens the place up too!

If your kitchen feels a little dark and gloomy, a white worktop can really help to lift the mood. Reflecting both natural daylight and electric light around the room to illuminate the space.


Handy hints for looking after white worktops

Still feeling a bit unsure about white worktops? Then check out these easy ways to keep white worktops looking their best.


Pick a textured white

Choosing a design that has a slight fleck rather than being a flat white is a sneaky way to keep things looking clean and tidy.

White marble worktops typically have a coloured veining running through, not only does this look striking but it helps to break things up and prevent any crumbs or debris from being too obvious.

We love Royal White marble.

Alternatively, if you go for granite or quartz white worktops, pick a mirrored fleck like Granite White Diamond or Cullifords Quartz White Mirror which add sparkle and heighten the light-reflecting qualities.


Avoid streaks

White worktops are much better for hiding streaks and watermarks than darker surfaces but if you want to maintain that impressive showroom sparkle, invest in a microfibre cloth and use this to dry off clean worktops.

It only adds seconds to your cleaning routine and the results are worth it!


Use chopping boards

Granite, marble, and quartz are all tough surfaces, but to keep your white worktop looking its best, it’s important to use a chopping board. Protectors for hot pans are also a good idea.


Buy white kitchen worktops

Read enough to convince you that white worktops are the way forward for your kitchen?

Then take a look at the stunning range we have available here at the Marble Store.

Shop now, or for more advice on picking the right surface for your space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team – we’d love to help.



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