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Arenastone Worktops

Arenastone Worktops

Italy is known for quality, and its well-loved brand of Quartz worktop, Arenastone, is no different. The brand has gained considerable popularity in England because of its wide range of sizes for Quartz surfaces; from larger slabs that can be customised for kitchen worktops to smaller pieces that may be suitable for installation in the bathroom.

Some of the colours and styles you can invest in from the extensive range are nothing less than exquisite. Take Arenastone Soave Madreperla as a great example – with pearl-like elements embedded securely into every Quartz worktop, purchasable in 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses with an optional polished finish, it’s perfect for making a home you’re refurbishing look opulent.

You’ll be guaranteed of unrivalled consistency across the Arenastone range and this brand is proud to boast the most extensive collection of mirror stones for the discerning buyer. All of these facts will add to the ‘pros’ list when you are deliberating whether or not to invest in Arenastone worktops for your kitchen.

Don’t forget that such luxury can extend far beyond your kitchen. Why not pursue worktops for your cladding, for the bathroom and on your fireplace? This versatile surface can be custom-made for all of these environments, and will certainly add a touch of class, and value, to any property.

Arenastone is personalisation at its best. Even if the Quartz worktop you invest in is from the same quarry as an identical order, the authentic nature of these beautiful materials means that no two kitchen surfaces in the world will ever be the same.

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