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Caesarstone Worktops

Caesarstone Worktops

Innovative and intricately designed, there are currently more than 70 varieties available in the Caesarstone range. The versatility of the slabs of surfaces purchasable means that whether you require a solution for your kitchen worktops or a hygienic and easy-to-clean way to prevent back splashing, there will be a product in the Caesarstone range that matches your bespoke requirements.

Another interesting fact is this: the Caesarstone brand can offer you the world’s first collection of embossed Quartz worktops in its Motivo range, which has a beautiful and textured feel to the touch. The technology behind this is patented by the company, which demonstrates its innovative edge when it comes to marble worktops.

If you have an ethical standpoint, don’t forget that there are recycled collections available, too. These surfaces include up to 42 per cent first-quality reclaimed quartz, with the rest of the materials used to make the worktops consisting of broken-down glass and mirrors that will be mixed into a special resin, which gives the Quartz worktops available that all-important reflective finish.

Nature can meet technology with Caesarstone, and the brand does have advantages over standard granite and laminate worktops. For example, buying one of these surfaces truly guarantees low maintenance – and unlike solid surfaces and laminate flooring, Caesarstone is one of the few surfaces that will not freeze or thaw at low temperatures. These worktops also exclusively have flexural strength, which means that your surfaces will be able to withstand high levels of stress as tested through a vigorous three-point technique.

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