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Changing Your Worktops? Replace Those Cabinets Too!


One of the best things that worktops can do for your home is to entirely transform the whole look and feel of your kitchen space. If you have installed a spectacular worktop material, hardly any people are going to look elsewhere.

This is true to just about every household, that’s why most home owners don’t pay much thought to their kitchen cabinets. Actually, most of them assume that they could easily get away with an awful -looking cabinets just as long as their worktops look sleek and fabulous.


The overall cost
A lot of people may think that resurfacing their current worktops (without changing their old cabinets) are economical as they can save money. Truth is, that’s not always the case. If you feel the need to change your cabinets after a couple of years or so, you’re not saving that much money. In truth, you’re just paying more than what you need to and placing a risk on your newly acquired worktop as well.

Installing new worktops over old cabinets might result to some complications after a few years of use. Which basically means you will have to invest a lot of your time and money yet again. Also, most contractors will agree on giving big discounts for a complete refurbishment of your kitchen that could potentially allow you to save cash. Now that’s a realistic investment for a kitchen space that you won’t need to revamp for another decade or so.


Mounting new surface material over old cabinets is not ideal
It’s unquestionably a bad idea to install new worktop surface over old cabinets and counters. Once fitted, worktops should not be moved elsewhere. However, if your decide to detach your new worktops in order to change your old cabinets (because you did not replace it the same time you installed your new worktops), there’s a big possibility that you will damage them.

Setting up new cabinets along with some newly bought high-quality worktops allows you to have a newly restored kitchen space that will look and feel brand-new for quite a long time.


The danger of merely changing your worktops
If your current cabinets are not that old and/or sturdy enough to withstand a few more years of service; then a simple alteration of worktop material might be a worthy idea. However, that’s barely ever the case.

In most home setting, cabinets are already too damaged and worn-out to last another series of years even after replacing the worktop. If you do an overall kitchen revamping and mounting of new cabinets as well as worktop materials, you don’t need to be worried about it for quite a long time.

Simultaneously upgrading your cabinets and worktops will certainly save you lots of money. It’s always a wide idea to go for stability and high-quality function, rather than just the cost.

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