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Cheap Worktops vs Composite or Natural Stone Worktops

Natural Stone Worktop

Renovating a kitchen to increase the value of a home often means that the worktops feature need to be changed as well. While financial considerations may obviously suggest opting for cheap worktops as an idea, choosing marble, granite or composite worktops (which are commonly sold as quartz worktops) will ultimately prove to be a far wiser investment.

Cheap worktops tend to stain, scratch, crack and chip comparatively easy, meaning they will have to be replaced again within a few years at best. The marble and granite worktops most suppliers offer, on the other hand, will retain their beautiful looks for a lifetime. The incredible hardness of these materials, as well as that of composite worktops (quartz worktops), means they are virtually impossible to scratch, crack or chip. The same naturally applies to granite tiles, marble tiles and composite quartz wall tiles.

While cheap worktops can be easily stained, especially with spills of juice or vinegar, marble and granite have highly stain-resistant sealed surfaces (as do composite worktops) that are extremely hygienic, as they do not allow fluids to seep in and create a haven for unwanted bacteria.

In addition, quartz worktops, black granite (or any other colour granite, for that matter) and marble are extremely heat resistant. Cheaper materials are easily scorched if hot items are placed onto them, leaving unsightly marks.

A natural stone or quartz composite worktop (for example compac or Diresco worktops) will not develop any permanent marks as a result of heat, unless, of course, extremely hot articles are placed onto it for prolonged periods on a regular basis.

Coloured or black granite, granite tiles, marble fittings or a composite worktop (made from crushed stone and quartz, set in resin – hence the name quartz worktop) and matching quartz wall tiles will also need very little maintenance.

Unlike the cheaper worktops in kitchens often feature, composite products such as Okite worktops do not require polishing at any time, and although coloured or black granite and marble may need re-sealing after a few years, a composite worktop, or quartz worktop, does not even require this.

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