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Choosing the Right Material for Worktops

Kitchen Worktops

When choosing worktops for a new kitchen, it is of vital importance to select the right kind of material. While the available budget is obviously part of considerations, durability and maintenance requirements also play an important role. Naturally, it helps to be aware of some of the advantages and disadvantages of some of the materials available on the market for worktops that homeowners can choose from before making a decision.

Plastic laminate typically referred to as Formica, is one of the most affordable options currently available. Made primarily from resin-impregnated craft-paper, Formica worktops come in hundreds of colours and designs. Surprisingly resilient, these tops can survive the tough demands of a kitchen for several years although damages may result through cutting, scratching or staining, while placing hot items on this kind of surface is asking for serious problems.

Natural wood surfaces are great to look at and provide a warm feel to a kitchen, but again, damages are easily incurred. Some of the most common problems of wood include cracking and warping, for example. In addition, wood requires a fairly high amount of maintenance, especially if the more natural mineral oil finish is chosen.

Using natural stone, such as marble or granite worktops, for instance, will provide a kitchen with unique, hygienic and extremely hard-wearing surfaces that will require very little maintenance. Chip, scratch, stain, frost and heat resistant, these tops will literally last a lifetime. Available in a wide range of finishes, natural stone surfaces will, however, require re-sealing once every few years to prevent damages.

For ultimate durability and a bare minimum of maintenance, Quartz worktops, or composite worktops, represent the best possible choice. Virtually impossible to scratch, chip or stain, these non-porous tops are extremely hygienic and will last for life even under tough conditions. Manufactured by binding quartz and/or granite granulates, pigments and other ingredients with a high quality resin, these tops come in a plethora of effects and colours, are even harder than natural stone and do not require resealing at any point. Simply wiping them regularly with a soft damp cloth will keep their shining beauty for years.

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