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Colour choices available in Arenastone range

Arenastone offers a wide variety of colour palette and textures in both natural stone and composite materials. The wide range of worktop design can help you achieve the look you want for your kitchen and bathroom.

Granite worktops alone offer an excellent choice of 69 different colour/ texture combinations. Combined with the 427 different finishes provided by varying types of Quartz worktops, it is easy to find just the right colour and texture to suit any decor, style of bathroom or kitchen and individual taste.

Arenastone is among the manufacturers that produce composite stone materials. They offer an excellent range of whites (Bianco Puro, Elegante and Stelline), creams (Sabbia, Sasso, Avena, Soave and Osso; Stelline, Pietra, Venato and Madreperla) and browns (Bruno Sasso, Stelline and Caffe), as well as the green-tinged Verdi Algi, two blues (Cielo Stelline and Blu Stelline) and the stunning red Rosso Stelline.

This quartz worktop is Arenastone Crema Avena

This quartz worktop is Arenastone Crema Avena.

Naturally, this material is also available in a range of attractive blacks, including Nero Metalico, which has a texture of medium to large flecks of light, metallic looking particles; Nero Stelline, featuring a small pebble-like texture with sparkling effects (this texture applies to all Stelline colours); and Nero Ebano, a black finish with a fine, sand-like texture.

While the white finishes are perfect for creating a stunning contrast to black or other very dark furniture the creams and browns in this range are perfect for combinations with darker woods or deep brown or red colour-schemes. The brown colours obviously lend themselves perfectly to be combined with light woods, and pastel coloured fittings.

The sparkling effect of the three Nero colours and the striking Rosso Stelline will add a glamorous touch to glossy white modern kitchens. It will even be more dramatic when combined with back panels of glass in a matching shade.

Sky-blue Cielo Stelline and the much darker Blu Stelline evoke visions of stylish, marine-theme bathrooms, while the many grey finishes will blend well with white or black furnishings.

Do any of these colour palettes appeal to you? We can provide you with personal advice for choosing the right worktop material that fits your home style. If you are looking at using Arenastone for kitchen and bathroom worktops, call us on 0208 216 2041 or use our contact form here.

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