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compac worktops

Whether the idea is to spruce up an old, out-dated kitchen, or create a completely new room, there are many choices to be made. Naturally the first choice is what kind of appearance the new kitchen is to feature. Possibilities are endless, from an almost old-fashioned, rustic look to that sleek, modern look of a mono-chromatic set-up, and anything in between.

Once the overall appearance has been decided on, it is time to source the right type of furniture, fittings and work tops. Quartz worktops provide an almost limitless choice of colours and textures suitable for any style of kitchen. In addition to coming in a huge range of possible options, these relatively cheap worktops are extremely hard wearing.

Their hardness, moisture and stain resistance are, in fact, greater than those of natural stone materials. They are almost impossible to chip, crack or scratch, and even placing hot implements onto these surfaces will not permanently damage them. Maintenance requirements are also minimal, as their composition of quartz fragments and resin makes resealing a thing of the past.

Compac worktops, for example, require nothing but the occasional wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent to retain their shining elegance. Available in a total of 72 gorgeous finishes, they also lend themselves perfectly to any design idea.

To compliment a rustic look featuring dark oak panels, a farm-style dining table and matching chairs or corner bench and perhaps antique gold fittings, for instance, the Emperador, a fairly light brown finish with light and dark flecks of varying sizes, will keep a warm look without making the kitchen too dark. The much lighter, creamy marble-effect Botticino or Perlato finishes, on the other hand, will provide a light contrast without creating a stark appearance.

A hyper-modern, sleek look, on the other hand, could be achieved by combining glossy black furniture with black glass panels, a black glass table-top, lots of chrome fittings and Compac Afyon finish worktops. Almost white, this finish has a faint grey marbled effect, which will contrast excellently with the black and create a stunningly sleek appearance.

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