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Composite Worktops are an Affordable Alternative to Natural Stone

Composite Worktops


White composite kitchen worktop


Improving the appearance of a kitchen or bathroom, can add considerable value to a home. Popular ways of doing this include updating stonework, counter tops, flooring and wall tiles. Today, the majority of worktops installed in homes, hotels, and busy reception areas, consist of either natural stone or composite materials – typically referred to as Quartz worktops and tiles.

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All tiles and worktops offer an affordable, yet extremely hard wearing, alternative to more traditional options such as marble or granite – without compromising on style.

What are composite worktops made from?

Made by combining quartz and/or granite granulates with varying particles for effects, colour pigments and a special resin, they are available in a plethora of shades and effects. As a result, there is a finish to suit any design, style or colour requirement in any residential or commercial setting.

Are composite worktops suitable for the kitchen?

The manufacturing process provides these materials with incredible durability. All of them are stronger and more flexible than natural stone, making them extremely chip, crack and scratch resistant. It is even possible to cut meat or vegetables directly on these surfaces without fear of damaging them with a slip of the knife. In addition, composite countertops are heat and frost resistant, ensuring hot cooking utensils will not cause damages if placed on the surface.

Virtually non-porous, composite worktops are also highly stain resistant. Liquid spills cannot seep into the material, and even corrosive substances, such as vinegar or lemon juice, will not cause permanent staining. This non-porosity also makes composite worktops extremely hygienic, as there is no chance of bacteria cultures developing.

How easy are composite worktops to maintain?

As far as maintenance is concerned, all of these materials are extremely easy to take care of. They do not require polishing and, unlike natural stone tops, will never require resealing. Top quality, hard wearing and minimal maintenance – composite materials are the ideal answer to affordable home improvement demands.

What should I do if my composite worktop becomes damaged?

In the unlikely event that damage does occur, you don’t need to worry – due to the nature of composite worktops – in that the colour runs throughout the entirety of the material – any surface damage can usually be sanded down. Although we always recommend that caution and the extra case is taken to ensure damages are avoided.

Can I customise my composite kitchen worktop?

Certainly, one of the key benefits to installing a composite worktop with us at The Marble Store is that you can customise it to meet the specific requirements of your kitchen. From thickness to finish and colour, you can create a bespoke composite worktop that will effortlessly fit in with your current decor.

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