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Contemporary Choices for Kitchen Worktops

Those days when you only had few choices when it came for materials used to create kitchen counters are long gone. Even the traditional looking laminate has undergone some changes to make it more contemporary.

Nowadays, there are even more contemporary choices for kitchen worktops than you can imagine!


Granite is a very common choice for all kinds of diverse construction projects and it is also well suited to kitchen worktops. The word ‘granite’ has come to mean more than just an average stone material that some people might perceive it to be, and it also comes from mines all over the globe.

This allows a wide selection of colours; including black, white, red, grey, pink, blue, brown, and green.


Quartz, on the other hand is a man-made engineered product moulded with various resins, ground quartz, plus pigments and polymers. It is currently attaining a lot of attention and is increasingly becoming popular because of its durability and hassle-free maintenance. It also has very low impact on the environment since quartz is the second most abundant material in the earth’s crust.


Marble is a great choice if the style you want to go for is absolute elegance. Though it is not ideal to use for the entire kitchen because of its vulnerability to certain stains, it is still a stunning choice for a specific area in the room. It has a cool touch, so it is the popular choice among home owners who likes to bake pastries.

These are just three of the many options available for kitchen worktops. There are still a lot more materials you could chooses from including concrete, tile, glass, stainless steel, soapstone and of course, wood.

Since there are various pros and cons with each kind of worktops, the best thing to do is deliberate your goals and needs with the professionals, as they could recommend the best material that would suit your lifestyle.

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