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Debunking the most common myths revolving granite worktops

Granite is one of most sought-after natural stones in the market. Granite worktops add elegance and beauty to your space. However, it is plagued with misconceptions and myths, misleading many homeowners from this naturally beautiful stone.

Often, homeowners ask if granite will stain, will scratch, or contain high levels of radon, which is radioactive. So, this article will help you dispel those common misconceptions surrounding one of nature’s best creations.

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Granite Is too Expensive

Yes, it’s fairly easy where this myth originated. Granite is gorgeous, durable and long-lasting, so many would just assume that such a beautiful and beneficial material will, in fact, be too expensive.

Although granite costs more than other worktop materials, what you need to remember is it’s a lifetime investment. The initial purchase cost of granite is indeed a more cost-effective option than having to more frequently buy replacement worktops for cheaper materials.

Granite Requires High Maintenance

This is one of the most common misconceptions about granite, that is, it will stain, easily crack and needs regular re-sealing to keep looking good.

In truth, granite is very hard-wearing and difficult to crack. Also, it’s very resistant to stains. It only needs a simple wipe down using a sponge and some liquid detergent, just like any other worktop surface.

granite worktops

Granite Demands Re-Sealing Regularly

To some degree, this is true. Granite does require re-sealing, but not annually, as some may have suggested or not even too regularly. In fact, there are sealants offering a lifetime guarantee.

However, this all depends on the granite variety you have purchased. In other words, the frequency of sealing largely depends on the porosity of your granite surface.

Granite Is a Haven for Bacteria

Many people have been led to believe that granite worktops are full of bacteria because of all the nooks and crannies, which were naturally shaped by a rock formation. This is far from the truth.

Imagine if granite surfaces with laden with bacteria, would this material have been allowed to be used in food preparation areas?

In fact, the National Institute for Occupation Safety and Health and other health organisations have certified that granite is indeed clean.

granite worktops

Heat Will Crack Granite

One reason why granite is a sought-after worktop surface is that it can stand up to exceptionally high levels of heat, which is common in kitchens, both commercial and residential. This allows homeowners to move dishes from the oven straight to the worktop without any problems.

Meals that have been cooked at temperatures of over 400° F will definitely scorch solid surfaces, such as Corian, which only offer resistance to heat of up to that temperature. Meanwhile, granite doesn’t have constituent materials that burn at several thousand degrees.

Granite Has Radon Gas

This is probably the most popular granite myth roaming around from showroom to showroom.

Granite is a natural rock.

There is no hard scientific evidence suggesting any other rocks like granite are harmful to people’s health. This myth actually emerged about 33 years ago, when Dupont introduced Corian.

In fact, radon gas emissions often found from surfaces like gypsum, cement and concrete, which are all around us daily.

Up to this day, no one has come out to take credit for this rumour, let alone support it. According to the report by the Marble Institute of America, radon is “a naturally occurring gas generated by the decay of trace amounts of uranium found in the earth’s crust throughout the world. It is an unstable gas that quickly breaks down and dissipates in the air.”

So here’s the deal—granite is not going to kill you.

granite worktops

Granite Will Lose Its Shine

This myth could be true for marble, but not for granite.

Since granite is a very dense material, diamond pads are used to polish its surface, because diamond is on the few materials that are harder than granite.

Rest assured that everyday household activities that introduce enough abrasion to granite’s surface will not dull your precious worktop. This remarkable surface will maintain its shine for generations.

Granite Is Unrepairable

Granite is a very tough material.

Yes, it can indeed be repaired. Since it doesn’t easily break, no one actually made a living out of fixing it. You can use coloured epoxies to repair or refinish granite surfaces that have cracked or chipped, which only happens if it’s struck with a really heavy object.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the common misconceptions regarding one of the most sought-after surfaces in the market. Granite worktops are stunning surfaces, hard-wearing, will last for decades and are definitely a good investment if you plan to sell your house in the near future.

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