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Design suggestions for Technistone worktops

Ever increasing numbers of homeowners are recognising the advantages of quartz worktops. Harder and more moisture and stain resistant than natural stone, these stylish yet comparatively cheap worktops also offer a far wider choice of colours and finishes, as well as requiring less maintenance.

One of the most popular ranges of composite counter tops, manufactured by Technistone, is available in a selection of 53 colours and finishes, all of which still give the impression of natural stone, as other brands do. Naturally, this makes it possible to find the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

technistone white

Technistone white stone mixed with wood and lighting.

The Taurus Gold finish, for example, looks exquisite when combined with dark wood kitchen fittings. The base colour of this material is medium beige and has been enhanced with a texture of multicoloured, natural looking pebbles and pebble fragments.

Fresh Brown, a reddish-brown finish, again with pebble-like effects, on the other hand, will add a warming contrast to lighter wood or cream-coloured cabinets. This particular finish would be particularly effective if combined with gold, rather than chrome fittings.

Fresh Orange or Fresh Red will add splashes of bright colour to modern kitchens or bathrooms with light, glossy furnishings and chrome or gold fittings, while the Starlight Ruby will add colour and warmth to kitchens or bathrooms with light fittings without being too over-powering.

If you’re aiming to give your kitchen a modern feel then you could combine very dark, perhaps even black, cabinets and chrome handles for a very modern look, Gobi White, Starlight White or Crystal Diamond, a finish with a much finer texture, will add the perfect contrast and a little light.

A bathroom with a tropical theme would without a doubt benefit from vanity tops made from the Fresh Green finish or, if this is a little too bright, the much paler Starlight Green. Both of these finishes feature the slightly larger pebble-like texture.

For something with more of a marine theme, the medium blue Starlight Azurite, dark Starlight Sapphire or the paler Starlight Blue would represent the perfect material choice for counters and/or vanity tops.

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