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Diresco Worktops

Diresco Worktops

Diresco worktops consist of a material engineered from a composition of quartz or granite granulates and resin. The way in which these compounds are bonded provides them with a strength and hardness only diamond exceeds.

This hardness, resulting in incredible scratch resistance and the fact that water is not absorbed, makes Diresco worktops ideal for safe, hygienic use in kitchens. Spills are easily wiped off, there is no risk of bacteria and other unwanted growth developing and the tough surface will withstand even the most frequent use.

Caring for Diresco worktops requires little effort, as no additional polishing is required. Most liquid or gel cleaners are suitable for wiping the surface and even the odd bit of bleach will not harm them as long as the chemical is properly rinsed off.

Available in an array of trendy colours, from white and beiges through browns and greys into black, as well as a variety of textures, these gorgeous worktops will grace any kitchen, whatever the decor may be.

Being corrosion and frost resistant, stain proof and colourfast as well, Diresco worktops will provide a lifetime of beauty without the danger of cracks, chips or other damage other natural stones sometimes suffer.

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