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Discover the Durability of Granite Worktops

white granite worktop

One essential thing you should keep in mind about granite worktops is that from the moment they arrive at your property, they have already existed for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years.

This natural stone will presumptively last for another thousand years or so if it’s appropriately utilised and maintained on a regular basis. Granite worktops are outstandingly robust, is resistant to scratches and stains, and it can also take some seriously high heat for up to 900°F without getting impaired.

gold granite worktop

Presumably, cutting vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients on your Granite worktops won’t do them any harm, but it can absolutely leave some bad effects on your kitchen knife.

The truth is, numerous homeowners prefer using Granite for their home renovation projects than any other worktop materials. There’s just something about Granite that boosts up the style and vibe of the entire space without having to spend so much money. Aside from being cost-efficient, they also come in a wide selection of rich textures and vibrant colours. What is more, granite’s stability and capability are unrivalled by any other factory-made worktop material and even the natural stones.

sleek granite counters

When it comes to maintenance, Granite is a pretty easy surface to maintain. Once properly sealed, it is one of the toughest natural stones on earth, next to precious diamonds. The first sealant is particularly critical since the stone is naturally absorbent; so if it is not treated with a proper sealant, it will definitely stain. Likewise, never forget to reseal your Granite worktop at least once a year for them to last longer and perform better.

Moreover, if you’re the type of person who likes to do things on your own accord, you can actually reseal the surface yourself! But if you’re not too keen on doing this important task, definitely hire a professional who knows how to get the job done. Even after the resealing has been completed, bear in mind to wipe up any spills as soon as they take place, or else they could seep deeper into the exterior of the worktop.

granite counters

Since Granite worktops are permeable, if spillage is left uncleaned for a lengthy period of time, they can surely be absorbed. Regarding the daily cleaning method, it’s better to use a microbial product that’s advisable to use on granite stones.

Lastly, the prices of Granite worktop are not as high as you might perceive; for that reason, they are much more of a sensibly priced investment. Should you ever decide to sell your property in the distant future; potential buyers will definitely have less room to discuss a low-cost price since they won’t have to go through the expense and effort of a kitchen remodel. It’s Granite after all— what else could they ask for?

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