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Does Marble Complement a Granite Worktop?

Granite and marble have been top picks as worktop material for a long time. But seldom do we see the two materials adorn countertops together in one room. It is usually one type of stone or the other.

stone stacked granite worktop

If granite worktop is chosen, then it is granite all the way. But we have to ask ourselves, can these two materials exist as countertops together in a single space? The answer is a simple “yes”. There is no written rule that says the contrary, but there are suggestions that can be followed when deciding to use these two stones as countertops to ensure you made the right choice.

white granite worktop

Consider also function with form. Granite is usually preferred in areas where spills are expected and traffic is heavier. Since granite is the harder material between the two, it makes more sense to utilize it where it matters. The softer marble, however, is the perfect surface for rolling dough and other chores that require a more slippery surface that does not tend to stick.

So with this in mind, perhaps the sink area where all the heavy action is can benefit from a granite treatment, while an island that functions as a breakfast table cum baking work area will shine with a marble top.

marble granite worktop

When choosing which stones to pair, it is good practice to put full slabs side by side to better see the actual colour contrast they produce in more realistic sizes as opposed to using stone samples alone. Whenever possible, it is best to bring the actual table or cabinet that will receive the stone to better see the effect. And with choices that are available from different suppliers as varied as ever, choosing the right combination of marble and granite worktops has been made that much easier.

So whatever combination of granite and marble you choose, in any colour pairing that you fancy, these stones can both be made to work together perfectly in terms of form and function.

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