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Easy Cleaning Tips To Maintain Your Granite Worktops


Having something beautiful as a granite worktop in your kitchen will certainly inspire anyone to make sure it is maintained. And that is the beauty of a granite worktops. It looks fabulous and is so easy to clean. One may think that you have to buy all the expensive cleaning products just to do so but that is very wrong. You did not see your granite installer use any when they installed it, right? So, what do you do to always enjoy the shiny finish of your granite worktop for many, many years?

First, make sure that your granite is sealed, this is very important because granite is a porous stone. It means that when left wet, bacteria can build up and you do not want that. If you notice that your granite worktop seems to seep water when left wet, make sure to get it resealed.

Always dry your worktop

Of course, a wet worktop is always expected, so make sure you have a dry towel on hand. Children and spills always go well together and it is really unavoidable. So just make sure you wipe your worktop dry and everything is okay.

Disinfecting is the key

Yes, you will want to disinfect your worktop once in a while. Like when you place raw meat on top or other similar contaminants you still do not have to use any harsh chemicals on it. Just make sure that you wash it with warm water and a mild dish soap. If you are still doubtful and still want to disinfect it, try combining a cup of water with a cup of 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. You can spray it on top of your worktop and dampen a clean cotton cloth then wipe it on your worktop. Leave it a good 5 minutes then rinse with warm water, then wipe it dry.

Just follow these tips and your granite worktop will surely last for a long time, if you are interested you can see a wide variety of our granite worktops here.

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