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Easy Tips To Keep Your Quartz Worktops Clean


If you’ve recently invested in a new Quartz worktop, hopefully you have enjoyed the gorgeous design and sleek finish that it adds to your kitchen area.

The saying “prevention is better than cure” is also true when it comes to maintaining your Quartz worktops. In order to prevent unwanted damage and wear on your bathroom or kitchen counters, here are some strategies that will help keep your Quartz worktops clean at all times.

Quartz only requires minimal maintenance. Still, we recommend that you clean on a regular basis by utilizing warm water, soap, and non-abrasive sponge. Majority of pH balanced cleaners can also be used if you prefer to use those.


To remove stubborn spills, the best method is to merely wipe the surface using a pot and pan soap, scrub until the spills are removed and rinse with warm water.

For nasty stains that tends to harden as they dry such as nail polish, gum, and paint; gently scrape those off from the surface by using a plastic knife or a blade. To clean off, use the usual soap and warm water. Gray marks leſt by the knife, can then be wiped away with glass cook-top cleaner or soap and water.


Quartz worktops are stain resistant to many household cleaners, but do not leave cleaners exposed to the surface for a lengthy period of time. Also make sure that Hydrofluoric acid never comes in contact with your worktops.

General precautions when using Quartz is to use a chopping/cutting board. Though it is extremely scratch resistant, cutting with knives will leave marks called “metal transfer” which can be removed by using the methods above. Simple to clean out, but it is still easier to use a board instead. Another reason to not use your knives is that the Quartz surface tend to blunt knives.

For more tips on how to properly maintain your worktops; visit our Advice page.

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