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Easy ways to add Christmas sparkle to your kitchen

Nothing says Christmas quite like a bit of sparkle.

Are you hosting the main event this year? Wondering how to take your kitchen from drab to festive fab in the little time you have left?

Here the team at The Marble Store take a look at some quick and simple ways to make sure your kitchen doesn’t let the side down.


How to add festive cheer

The kitchen may be a hive of activity over Christmas, but it’s often overlooked when it comes to decorations.

Well, bah humbug to that we say.

We’ve looked in previous blogs at easy ways to bring Christmas to your kitchen – but whilst candy canes and Christmas trees are great, this year, we’re all about the sparkle.

Here’s how…

– Add festive foliage

Struggling for space? Is a Christmas tree going to be pushing it? Then add a little festive foliage instead – and make it shimmer!

Grab a few branches of holly or fir and spritz with a spray glitter (ideally gold, silver or a frosted white but any will do). Once dry, simply drape over the top of wall cupboards, along shelves, or lie across the back of worktops.


– Glittery fruit

Oranges are the fruit of the season so why not pimp these up – and anything else in your fruit bowl – by spraying with a little edible glitter. Decorations you can eat are surely a kitchen Christmas winner.


– Fairy lights

The soft twinkle of fairy lights is a favourite at this time of year. Twist strings around your worktop appliances (taking care that they look pretty but won’t get in the way!).

If finding a spare socket for plug-in lights is proving tricky, it’s easy to get your hands on a set of battery-operated lights.


– Tinsel

Sometimes it’s good to go old school – and everything looks better with tinsel, right?

A cheap and cheerful way to brighten your kitchen. Simply wrap round cupboard handles, stuff into a glass vase, or hang from the ceiling for retro sparkle.


–  Glitter effect worktops

Glamorous, glittery and oh so Christmassy.

Worktops with flecks of sparkle will add an extra special twinkle to any kitchen.


3 of our favourite sparkly worktops


  1. Silestone Stellar Blanco

Part of the Silestone range, the Stellar Blanco is a truly beautiful worktop. With a white base, this popular surface brings a touch of class to any setting with its soft grey and white grains and subtle hint of sparkle.

  1. Star Galaxy Granite

Want to create more of a style statement? Then take a look at Star Galaxy. True to its name this a worktop that is out of this world with a striking black base flecked with gold and silver mirrored flecks.

  1. Arenastone Grigio Misto

This light grey worktop combines glass and other fragments for a pretty, delicate sparkle.


Benefits of worktops with sparkle

Sparkly worktops don’t just look good – they’re practical too.

They can:

– Reflect light

Even if you opt for a dark surface, the added shimmer helps to lift and soften the effect. Reflecting both natural and electric light around the kitchen and helping to increase the feeling of space.


– Hide marks

Do crumbs left on the worktop drive you insane? Hate the sight of streaks and sticky finger marks? Whether a high polish or matt finish, any worktop with glitter will add texture and depth to its appearance, helping to hide – or at least deflect – from any debris.


– Have timeless appeal

Want to create a kitchen that will appeal to everyone and won’t fall out of vogue – then a sparkly worktop is the answer. With enduring charm, the soft shimmer of sparkly worktops has a broad appeal and can work with whatever look you’re trying to create – from traditional and farmhouse chic through to coastal or ultra-modern.


Sparkle all year

Ok, so even with our fast turnaround, it’s probably not practical to get new worktops fitted in time for the big day. But beautiful worktops aren’t just for Christmas! Why not make your kitchen sparkle all year round?

Whether you have a preference for granite, marble or quartz worktops, you’ll find stunning glitter effects available in all our ranges. So whether it’s crisp snow whites, on-trend greys, striking blacks or something more wonderful altogether, you’ll find it here.

Why not start 2023 as you mean to go on? Sparkling and fabulous. Shop the range now or to find out more talk to the team.



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