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Easy ways to add Easter cheer to your kitchen

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Easter decorations? Yes, it’s a thing! And when we’re all so bored of being stuck at home what could be better than livening up our surroundings with a few festive touches?

Adding a little seasonal flare will not only look great but the bright colours of spring will really help to lift spirits and lighten the mood. You don’t need to go into overdrive, just a few simple nods to the season is all that is required. And, here at the Marble Store, we can’t think of a better place to start with the Easter decorations than in our favourite room of the house – the kitchen!

So, whilst mass egg hunts might be off this year, Easter definitely isn’t cancelled. Read on for simple ways you can make your kitchen look ‘eggstra’ special.


Easter decoration ideas


– Get fresh

Does anything say spring like a vase full of vibrant blooms? Tulips and daffodils are easy to come by at this time of the year so grab a few bunches, arrange them in a vase – or an empty jar or milk bottle – and pop on a kitchen shelf or the corner of your worktops for a burst of spring colour.


– Just add eggs

A super easy way to dress your kitchen for Easter (and possibly our favourite!) is by simply adding eggs.

Real, fake, chocolate, hard-boiled and decorated by the kids, it doesn’t matter. Just grab whatever you’ve got to hand and get creative. Sit them in eggcups on the worktop. Fill a basket and display on your island unit or even top up your kitchen scales for an instant Easter vibe.


– Pop up Easter bar

Anyone who read our blog on decorating the kitchen for Christmas may remember the pop-up bar…and we see no reason why it shouldn’t make a welcome return for Easter.

Cocktails served in Easter eggs, hot chocolates with bunny tails (marshmallows) and mini eggs, the list goes on. So, if you have the room, why not dedicate a small area of your kitchen for a little temporary Easter bar that can serve treats for all the family over the bank holiday weekend?


– Let there be light

The days are drawing out and after spending so much time cooped up inside it’s more important than ever to open up the curtains and make the most of the spring sunshine.

Is your kitchen pretty gloomy? No need for a full overhaul. What about a fresh coat of paint in a lighter colour? White is great for reflecting the light and making rooms feel brighter – and bigger! And if your curtains or kitchen blinds thick and heavy, how about swapping for a thinner, lighter fabric that will let more daylight through? Worth considering too, the impact new worktops could have. If your worksurfaces have seen better days, now might be the perfect time for a spring refresh as lighter surfaces can really help to lift a room.


– Don’t forget the bunny!

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without bunny rabbits (who would bring all the chocolate!?). So don’t forget to give a nod to our furry friend with your decorations.

If you own any bunny related ornaments or pictures, move them to the kitchen. Perhaps one of the kids have a cuddly rabbit they’d be happy to spare, that could sit on the windowsill or perch by the fruit bowl? You could always treat yourself to some Easter Bunny themed tea towels too.


Order your new kitchen worktop today

At the Marble Store, we offer one of the largest selections of natural stone worktops in the UK, with a great range of colours available. So, if you’re looking for a more permanent spring refresh than a string of Easter bunting and a few daffs, why not take a look at our great range of worktops?

Alternatively, if you’d like to chat with one of our friendly kitchen experts then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can complete our enquiry form, email or call us on 0800 652 2013.



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