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Easy ways to bring Christmas to your kitchen

Christmas. The tree, the garlands, the sparkly lights…and don’t forget the turkey! Whilst food undoubtedly plays a big part in many Christmas celebrations, all too often the kitchen is neglected when it comes to decorations.

At the Marble Store, we think this is a little unfair, especially when the area plays such an important role in the festivities. So, if you want more than just tantalising aromas from your cooking space this year, read on to discover easy ways you can bring Christmas into your kitchen.


Christmas kitchen decoration ideas

  • Add a Christmas tree

A hallmark of the season but how often are Christmas trees confined to the living room? Too often is the answer! But with so much time spent in the kitchen, why not add a tree here too? Ok, so space may be an issue, but it doesn’t have to be huge. A small tree that can be tucked into a corner would do the trick, or even a really mini one that could sit on the worktop – these are often still rooted and can be planted in the garden once the festivities are over. Perfect.


  • Candy canes

Use this sweet treat for a simple, fun and attractive way to decorate your kitchen. Hook over cupboard handles, stand in a vase or fill kitchen shelves with glass jars chock full of them. Colourful, festive, and edible…our favourite kind of decoration!


  • Inject colour

You’ll be surprised at just how much impact a little colour can have on the festive vibe in your kitchen. Swap your usual tea towel for a Christmassy red, green or gold. Position a few bright ornaments on shelves or worktops and move Christmas crockery and glasses to the front of display cabinets. Small tricks but they can make a real difference.


  • Fairy lights

Now, who doesn’t love a fairy light? Instant Christmas charm in one easy step. Dangle from wall units, wrap around window frames or even just drape across the back of your worktop. Wherever they go, they’re sure to look the part.


  • Festive foliage

Cheap, easy and oh so effective. Simply collect a few cuttings from the garden to create a cheerful yuletide display. Arrange branches of holly in a vase, hang mistletoe, or lay laurel and fern branches along the top of cupboards or shelves to create simplistic garlands.


  • Pop up Christmas bar

Eggnog anyone? If you’ve got more than enough worksurface available for food prep, why not transform a small area into a dedicated Christmas bar (island units are perfect for this). You could create a temporary cocktail bar, or a hot chocolate stand with jars of marshmallows, pots of candy cane stirrers and Christmas mugs. Not only will it look the part, it also means guests can help themselves while you get on with the cooking.


  • Add sparkle

‘Tis the season to shine and what better way than with your worktops. Granite, quartz and marble worktops offer something for all tastes and kitchen designs, with everything from dazzling whites to the shimmering gold and silver mirror flecks of Star Galaxy. And the best bit? When it’s time to take the decorations down your worktops will remain – looking great and filling your kitchen with joy and sparkle all year round!


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