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Enhancing Your Kitchen with Composite or Natural Stone Worktops

Black Granite worktop kitchen

Black granite is among the most popular materials for worktops people invest in when creating their dream kitchens.

This is not only because black granite worktops and corresponding granite tiles provide a warm, elegant look, regardless of whether they are combined with light or dark wood finishes or glossy surfaces and chrome, but also because quality marble and granite, like composite quartz worktops, marble and quartz wall tiles or granite tiles, are far more resilient than cheap worktops and the usual ceramic tiles.

Natural stone, like marble and granite, for instance, worktops UK families have in their kitchens, as well as composite materials such as diresco worktops (generally better known simply as quartz worktops) granite tiles and, of course, quartz wall tiles have an exceptional hardness, which makes them chip, crack and scratch resistant.

This means cutting directly on a marble and granite or composite worktop (quartz worktop) will not scratch the surface, unlike cheap worktops, where only use of a chopping board will prevent such damage.

Marble, black granite and naturally quartz wall tiles are also far less likely to crack or chip than ceramic tiles. In addition, composite worktops (quartz worktops), granite and marble are also highly moisture and stain resistant. Granite, marble and composite worktops have sealed surfaces that will not allow liquids to seep in, which often causes staining on cheap worktops, making them highly hygienic and easy to clean.

Additionally, a composite worktop (quartz worktop) or natural stone worktop also has high resistance to frost and heat. This means hot baking trays, pots and pans may be placed onto the surface for short periods without causing scorch marks or cracking, and even freezing temperatures will not harm the worktops most homes are adorned with.

The fact that a natural stone or quartz worktop (composite worktop) is so hard wearing, combined with only the barest minimum in maintenance requirements, represents the main reason why these materials are becoming ever more popular among homeowners across the country. Few other materials will maintain their beauty and shine for years with only a regular wipe being needed, while greatly enhancing the value of a home.

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