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Facts About The Great Granite Worktops

If you are thinking about a kitchen makeover, your eyes are probably fixed on acquiring the versatile features of granite worktops.

This specific type of worktop is exceedingly unique, for no two slabs are exactly the same even if they were carved from the same block of stone. Though granite worktops have been all over the place for quite a few years now, there is still few amounts of misunderstanding on how to best take good care of them.

Before you begin adoring your new Granite Worktops, here are some things you should take into considerations:

1. Granite worktops are exceedingly sturdy, but they are NOT entirely indestructible.

When something heavy is dropped on your granite worktops, chances are, they might chip. Also, you should not stand on your worktops as they are not malleable so it might create some cracks.

2. Despite the fact that you can slice vegetables on top of your Granite worktops, it is NOT advisable that you do so.

There’s a big possibility that this can damage your kitchen knives. Bear in mind that granite worktops are resistant to scratch, but some forceful carving could be too much for them to handle.

3. When you already have installed your Granite worktops, inquire about the proper sealing methods.

In general, the sealing procedure will already be taken care of for you, but then again you should always recognise how this method works, for you to know when you need to have your worktops resealed.

Check out our Advice section to know more tips on how to properly maintain your worktops!

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