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Granite— A Plant Friendly Worktop



Having plants inside your home has some really soothing effects. They add remarkable textures, as well as incorporate some greens during the winter and even all year long.

Plants are even known to purify the air in some closed areas, which is particularly important during winter time when you can’t open the windows. Having several indoor plants may even diminish stress.


The only downside about having plants inside your home is when you accidentally drench them with water and it leaks out onto the surface that you have them sitting on, which would then discolour or stain that specific surface.

Find your house plants some practical and stylish new surface to live on, by mounting Granite worktops! Water won’t harm the granite if the pot ever leaks, and the plants would also make a striking addition to the kitchen space.


The water on the Granite worktop will easily clean up. Better yet, incorporate a bit of the granite slab onto your windowsill and let your plants sit there; it will be resistant to water spills, plus, the plants would be able to get plenty of natural light.

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