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Granite VS Quartz Worktops


Granite and Quartz are the leading worktops in the kitchen, but when we talk about kitchen counters we also have to consider about the looks, function, and practicality. Should it look exquisite and stylish? Absolutely. Should you go for the expensive kind? Not quite. There are a lot of worktops that looks expensive, but are actually economical. Your main concern should always be its safety and functionality.

When you opt for natural stones, it is important to know that no two worktops are exactly identical; each one is different from the other even if they come from the same slab of stone. Since Granite is a natural stone, every surface will feel and look different from the other ones. This makes it a great investment feature to your home.


However, not all granite surfaces will be as wonderful as you expect them to be. Since granite comes in single slabs, there will likely be a seam if your worktop have curves or bends, and because it is a natural stone material, the seams won’t be as easy to conceal.

On the other hand, Quartz worktops are cautiously engineered to keep up with daily kitchen tasks. Aside from its high quality function, quartz surfaces also comes in a wide variety of rich colours, so you’d be able to find one that will perfectly blend in with your current scheme. In addition, since it is all one uniform colour, any seams can be easily hidden in sight. This specific advantage allows installers, designers, and even home owners to be more creative with the design.


When dealing with granite worktop, you need to reseal it every once in a year. While it looks pretty concrete and durable, natural granite is in fact quite absorbent, while quartz is not.

In general, Quartz worktop doesn’t need sealing, but Granite does. Nevertheless, home owners with Granite worktops should not worry too much since resealing normally takes less than an hour and they can even DIY it!


Despite the fact that Quartz worktops don’t need to be sealed as it is most definitely stain resistant; some people tend to doubt its efficiency to block out tough stains. If you’re one to worry about these things; simply use a rag with warm water and a bit of soap to clean the surface. For removing very stubborn stains, a tinge of water-vinegar solution usually does the trick.

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