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Granite Worktops are an Investment for Life

Granite Worktops Dorset

There comes a time when an old kitchen is due to be replaced. Maybe the old kitchen surfaces are worn and have become unsightly, or perhaps the owner has some personal ideas. Some individuals prefer a traditional look while others’ may involve visions of ultra-modern, glossy kitchen surfaces and lots of chrome appliances.

Whether traditional, ultra-modern or anything in between, one of the most popular ideas currently representing a must-have for home owners is the addition of natural stone worktops and suitable stone tiles. While there are many lovely kitchen worktops manufactured from wood, the addition of stone worktops is an investment that will last a lifetime.

Granite worktops, marble kitchen worktops or quartz stone worktops and matching stone tiles will transform kitchens into dream kitchens with highly polished and extremely hardwearing kitchen surfaces. In addition, each stone worktop is totally unique, because even two slabs from the same quarry are never exactly the same.

Kitchen worktops are continually exposed to all sorts of potential damage through spilled fluids, exposure to heat and scratches. It is easy to damage a wooden kitchen surface by simply slipping with the knife when cutting vegetables, bread or meat, for instance. With a granite worktop, this is not possible. Granite worktops provide a kitchen surface that is scratch, break and chip resistant.

A stone worktop also has high heat resistance. Placing a hot pot or baking tray, for instance, onto a wooden kitchen surface is likely to cause at last a nasty mark, if not worse. Unless the heat is extreme and the kitchen worktop is exposed to it for a prolonged period, a granite worktop does not mark at all.

In a similar way, a stone worktop is also much more stain-resistant and hygienic than a kitchen worktop made from any other material. The sealed surface of a good granite worktop does not allow fluids to seep in and stain the kitchen worktop. Call us now on 0208 216 2051 or contact us here.

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