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Granite Worktops are Favoured for Good Reason

Granite Worktop

The polished kitchen surfaces provided by granite worktops typically display a texture of medium to coarse grains, although some of these stone worktops display almost pebble like, larger effects. Some granite worktops, in particular the black and white kitchen worktops, may also incorporate colourful flecks or sparkling stone fragments. Part of the make-up of the natural stone, both colour and texture will depend on the location where the material for each particular granite worktop was mined.

Depending on this location, a granite worktop may be one of many shades of pastel cream, blue, yellow, pink or green; grey, red or black. Granite worktops, as well as granite stone tiles, subsequently lend themselves readily to any decor and style of kitchen, as many kitchen ideas provided in magazines or on the Internet clearly demonstrate.

Stone tiles and stone kitchen worktops are extremely hygienic and durable, as well as providing a touch of elegance and class to kitchen surfaces with their magnificent sheen. Black granite kitchen worktops in particular feature prominently among today’s most popular kitchen ideas.

This is due to the fact that black granite stone tiles and black stone worktops create a classic, timeless and warm look when set against wood or light coloured kitchen units in a traditional set up, while surrounding black stone worktops with glossy black or white kitchen surfaces and lots of chrome will create a sleek, ultra-modern look to be proud of.

Any granite worktop, quartz kitchen worktop or marble stone worktop, regardless of colour or texture, will add a kitchen surface of enduring value to any home. Extremely hard wearing, scratch and chip resistant, as well as highly resistant to moisture and staining, a granite stone worktop, marble kitchen worktop or quartz stone worktop is made to last and, with minimal care requirements, will provide a hygienic, great to look at kitchen surface for the preparation of food, drinks, and more for many years.

In short, any kitchen ideas including a granite, marble or quartz kitchen worktop are well worth considering, as this kind of hard wearing kitchen surface will last for a lifetime.

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