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Granite Worktops Knowing the Facts

granite worktop

If you are considering to make a kitchen makeover, why not use the different choices of styles of granite worktops. This type of worktop is unique since you can never find two that are identical even if they are taken from the same block in a quarry.

Even though granite worktops are mostly been around and is considered a popular choice for designers, there is still some confusion about how to best take care of these beautiful worktops. To help you take care of your own granite worktops, here are some of the things you should know:

1. Granite worktops are extremely sturdy and durable, but this does not mean that the stone is not indestructible. Accidentally dropping a heavy object on your worktop may cause for it to chip.

2. Although you can chop vegetables on the worktop, it is still not recommended not to do so. Doing this may even affect your kitchen knives. Although your worktop may be scratch-resistant, but some heavy duty carving may still hurt your worktop.

3. Once your granite worktop is installed, ask it to be resealed. Commonly, the sealing process will already be done for you, but it is still good if you know the process and understand when you need your granite worktops resealed.

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