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Granite worktops vs Quartz worktops

Granite worktops vs Quartz worktops

When faced with a choice of either Granite or Quartz worktops, people often find it difficult to determine which will be the better option in the long run. Both are extremely beautiful and typically available in a broad range of finishes, making it possible to match either one of them to virtually any kind of surrounding decor.

So, what is the difference between the two materials? Essentially, Granite worktops are slabs of natural stone, while Quartz worktops are created from a combination of Quartz, pigments and resin. This combination ultimately makes Quartz worktops far more durable than worktops made from Granite and allows for a wider range of finishes.

Although Granite is one of the hardest stones available for worktops, it can chip around the edges, as well as being quite unforgiving when it comes to spills and even the use of cleaners. Household cleaners containing ammonia, for instance, can seriously affect the finish of Granite worktops and will ultimately cause it to become dull.

Spills will quickly soak into the stone and can easily stain granite, unless the worktops are regularly resealed to protect and maintain their appearance. Should a piece need to be replaced, it can be quite difficult to find the right match, as every piece of Granite will look slightly different. Seams in the worktop are also very hard to conceal.

Quartz worktops, on the other hand, are not only chip and scratch resistant, they are non-porous and spills can be mopped up with ease, leaving basically no risk of staining. Although it is advisable to only use bleach on these worktops if absolutely necessary, occasional use will not affect the finish, as long as it is rinsed off properly after use.

Because the material does not require sealing or polishing at any time, it will retain its magnificent look for many years, without requiring any major maintenance. It is highly unlikely that the need to replace part of a Quartz worktop will arise, but if the unexpected should happen, it will be easy to find a match, because each finish is produced using a strict set of rules and specifications. When installed professionally, seams are usually virtually invisible.

Ultimately, the final decision over the choice of Granite worktops vs Quartz worktops depends on personal preferences. Granite worktops do look excellent, but Quartz is the most durable, maintenance free and typically cheaper option.

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