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Granite worktops – what colours are available?

Granite worktop

Granite worktops still enjoy huge popularity, thanks to their hard wearing qualities and outstanding beauty. For many consumers, the idea of granite conjures up images of grey or black surfaces– while these colours are naturally part of the range, it does by no means stop there.

For granite worktops you can select from 69 different colours and textures ranging from almost completely plain through sand-like or small pebble and marble-like effects.

London granite is sourced from quarries all over the world. Each quarry, whether based in Brazil, China, India or Canada provides a very specific, unique colour of granite, each with its own distinctive texture.

These differences are caused by whatever elements and rock fragments where present during the formation of the granite – which typically consists of varying percentages of feldspar, mica and quartz.

Iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, titanium, potassium and silicon contents are largely responsible for the colouring of granite, while the composition of surrounding rocks – and whether they were melted during the process of granite formation or remained solid – is responsible for the varying textures.

What all granite worktops have in common is incredible hardness, moisture and stain resistance, and an exquisite, totally unique appearance that requires only a minimum of maintenance to retain its beauty for a lifetime.

Uniqueness is guaranteed for each and every worktop, even if two customers purchase the same material from the same quarry at the same time.

Because the natural process of granite formation obviously does not follow a specific pattern, every quarried slab is slightly different, making it impossible for any two given slabs to ever look the same. Subsequently, every worktop created from granite will also be totally unique in its appearance, adding further to the appeal of this magnificent material.

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