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How clever is your kitchen?

These days, it feels like there’s an app for everything. Nothing and nowhere is unaffected – and, as a result, kitchens have never been more connected.

It’s exciting and, okay, a tad freaky. You can control your cooker with your voice (hey, what?!). Turn up the fridge temperature or dim the lights with an app on your phone. Even start each day with a coffee brewed by a machine capable of recalling just how you like it.

It’s not just the functionality of kitchens that technology is advancing, though – it’s our enjoyment of the space, too. Who doesn’t want built-in speakers that pop up from your worktop ready for a Friday night kitchen disco?

Intrigued? Here the team at The Marble Store take a look at just what’s on offer and the advantages a smart kitchen can bring.


Benefits of smart kitchen


– Convenience

Why make life harder than it needs to be?

Convenience is the biggie in anyone’s book, and one of the main reasons we gravitate to tech.

With smart appliances, you can control functions remotely using your phone. Forgotten to set the timer on the oven before you left for work? Turn it on from the office so you come home to a hot oven that’s ready for cooking. Just got comfy in the lounge and realised the extractor fan is still whirring? Switch it off without the need to get up. These are just some of the many ways technology in the kitchen makes life easier and saves you time.


– Independence

In its mission to streamline and simplify, advancing technology in the kitchen has opened up opportunities to individuals who may otherwise struggle.

Whether elderly or disabled, technology can offer additional independence for those with mobility issues or cognitive impairments, allowing people to remain in their own homes for longer.

It can also help the gastronomically inept, too! If managing not to burn the toast is an accomplishment for you, then a kitchen that embraces the assistance of smart appliances could unleash your inner Gordon Ramsey.


– Energy saving

As one of the busiest rooms in the house, it makes sense that the kitchen should be as energy-efficient as possible.

Modern appliances are constantly striving to improve their energy rating, with A being the most efficient in a scale ranging from A-G.

Smart appliances go one better. Not only do the latest smart fridges beep to let you know the door has been left open too long, but they can even tell you what’s inside – so there’s no need to open the door unnecessarily. Clever, huh?!


Get a smart kitchen – without the tech!

Want a kitchen that’s cleverly designed, intuitive, and really works for your needs, but doesn’t run the risk of technical blips and scary malfunctions?

Then you’ll be pleased to know there are plenty of ways you can create a ‘smart’ kitchen without all the gizmos and gadgets.

Here’s how:


– Clever worktops

Worktops that fight back against stains and bacteria? Sounds pretty smart to us! And that’s exactly what quartz worktops offer!

Non-porous, they naturally block stains and prevent dirt and bacteria from becoming trapped under the surface – so it’s effortlessly clean and hygienic. What’s not to love?!


– Ingenious storage

Smart design can help to maximise storage space. From inspired pull-out larders to ceiling-high cupboards that utilise the no-man’s land above standard wall units, a good kitchen designer will have heaps of innovative ideas to take full advantage of the space on offer and make it work for you.


– Savvy recycling

Recycling. We all know we should, but are you honestly recycling as much as you could be?

The most effective way to become better at it is to make recycling easy!

Undercounter bins with allotted sections so you can ‘sort as you throw’ are a great investment, and will help to encourage all the family to recycle waste.

Another great option worth considering is hand sensor bins. These allow you to open the bin lid without even touching it – great if you’re busy cooking up a feast and want to keep your hands clean.


– Intuitive layout

In the same way that a good kitchen design will enhance storage, it can also boost practicality and safety.

A carefully considered kitchen layout – for example, avoiding sticking the hob in the main thoroughfare or positioning the sink too far away from your prepping area – will enhance the usability of the space and how well it works.


Shop quartz worktops with The Marble Store

Whether you love technology or are secretly a bit of a luddite, your worktops are a great place to start with kitchen improvements.

Here at the Marble Store, we have a stunning range of quartz worktops available – and all at great prices.

We’ll start by offering you a competitive quote for the surfaces you’re interested in. Then, once you’ve made your choice, we’ll template up, our skilled stonemasons will cut everything to size, and we’ll fit your new worktops within just 10 days. Now that’s smart!

Talk to the team today to find out more.



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