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How Durable Are Dekton Worktops


One important thing you should keep in mind about Dekton worktops is that, it is a new material produced into an ultra-compact surface for all settings.

What amazes many home owners is its remarkable combination of quartz, glass, and porcelain; making it the ultimate hybrid of tough surfaces. It undergoes a series process using the most advanced technology that makes it resistant to tough stains, extreme heat and cold, thawing, scratching, and even ultraviolet rays.

This process is being carried out by utilizing a 25,000kg press which transforms the stone material into an ultra-compact sheet. This specific procedure contributes to the amazing features that home owners get to enjoy.


Sure, there are other products that looks quite similar when you look at it from an aesthetic sense, but nothing compares to its unique and high-quality composition. The overall feel of this material is utterly distinctive.

Once properly installed by a professional, Dekton is a pretty easy surface to maintain. All you need is a bit of soap and warm water, then you’re good to go. For some stubborn stains, you can always use some light cleaners.


Aside from that, Dekton is a sleek worktop that has hygienic properties ideal for daily use. Since quality Dekton worktops are extremely non-porous; different kinds of germs won’t get left behind after you clean it.

With an absolute zero absorption of liquids and high-resistance to extreme temperatures; this new surface material might just be the best deal you’re ever going to get.

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