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How to achieve the natural look in your kitchen

Prefer to keep things simple?

Searching for a modern, straightforward kitchen that looks good without compromising functionality?

Then it’s time to get back to basics with the natural look.

If ever there’s a space crying out for practicality, it’s the kitchen. And the natural look, with its clean lines and simplicity, is perfect. It’s also bang on trend.

Sound like just what you’re after?

Here The Marble Store talk you through how to achieve it.


What is the natural look?

Inspired by nature, the natural look combines the smooth, modern lines of Scandi design with the warmth of natural materials. The result is a clean and classic aesthetic that is widely appealing – making it a great look if you’re likely to consider moving any time soon.

Neutral and calming (ideal if you’re a chef prone to getting hot under the collar), the underlying premise of this look is simplicity – which is why it’s perfect for a busy multifunctional space like the kitchen.


Why is the natural look so popular?

These days, there’s so much choice, it can be difficult to know which way to jump. This is just one of the reasons so many people are drawn to the appeal of a calming, tranquil kitchen space.

But it’s not just the soothing vibe that makes this look so popular – it’s the timeless quality of it too.

Kitchens are expensive. According to Checkatrade, the average cost for a small-budget kitchen renovation is £5,250 – but that’s just a starting figure and costs can easily creep upwards of £10,550 for larger spaces.

It’s a dear do. But spread that cost out over 20 years – the average life expectancy of a kitchen – and the expense is less the issue. The biggest concern is getting the look right. After all, no one wants to finance a new kitchen only to end up hating it a few years down the line.

With the natural look, there’s no such worry. Thanks to its balanced, neutral appearance it’s capable of enduring fashion fads and will never date.



How do you achieve the natural look in your kitchen?

Pick colours carefully

Soft, neutral colours are key. A palette of gentle hues will help to keep your kitchen bright, airy and clean looking.

White, cream, grey and light brown tones work perfectly for this and instil calming qualities.

If you’re keen to inject more colour, then how about using green? Muted green shades are hugely popular right now, but they also have a timeless element and are a great way to bring an outdoor influence inside.

Things to steer away from here are dark dominant shades or overly bright colours – if you’d class it as ‘eye catching’, it’s probably best avoided.


Use natural materials

The key to achieving a truly natural-looking kitchen is the materials you use.

Exposed beams and brickwork, wooden cupboard doors, and natural wood shelving are all great and help to add a sense of richness and texture.

Natural stone worktops like marble and granite are also a great choice, with the abstract veining of marble, in particular, capable of adding a whole new dimension to your space.

Don’t forget that marble and granite can also be used for splashbacks and upstands.


Accessory choices

If you have an island unit or breakfast bar, wooden and metal bar stools will add rustic appeal.

Is your kitchen open plan? Then follow the theme through with a natural wood dining table and chairs.

If there’s a sofa to cosy up on, use faux fur throws, wool cushions and rugs to add warmth and texture.

To really bring a sense of harmony to the room, introducing green plants is a great idea. In a study carried out by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, it was found that using plants in the home can make you feel more comfortable, soothed and at one with nature. There’s also research to suggest they can improve the quality of indoor air.

The key point to remember here is to avoid overkill. Don’t create a jungle – and don’t accessories so much you’re struggling to get to the worktop. This will have a counter effect and take away the tranquil vibe of your space.


Streamline your design

A microwave sat on the worktop? Free-standing oven? A natural kitchen aesthetic is all about free-flowing space – and integrated appliances are ideal for this. Helping to declutter surfaces, streamline and create a practical, modern layout.

Do you really need that kettle, or could you swap it for a hot water tap? Saving space, time and energy, these are a great addition to any kitchen – whatever your design theme.


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