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How to choose the right kitchen worktop?

This list will help you choose the right quality kitchen worktop that fits your style and personality. The type of kitchen surface you choose will offer you different advantages. Ideally, your worktop must be durable, stylish, and cost-effective. Most people also seek for material that is stain and heat-resistant. There is a wide-range of products available such as composite stone, glass, granite, laminate, and wood.

composite stone worktops

Composite Stone Worktops

Composite stone worktops offer the same hardiness and elegance as other natural materials.
Advantages: Okite (made from Quartz and resin) are practical choice for those who want durable and classy kitchen surfaces. It is extremely resistant to chipping, cracking, and scratching.
Disadvantages: It must be cleaned properly in order to prevent stains.

laminate worktops

Laminate Worktops

Laminate Worktops are an affordable and reasonably durable. It can be customized to match the kitchen style you need.
Advantages: Laminate is relatively inexpensive and can come with the finish that you desire (stone, marble, wood). It is easy to maintain and wipe clean.
Disadvantages: It is not heat-resistant but it can repel most stains or chemicals. While laminate worktops are not as durable as composite stone or wood, proper care will help your laminate kitchen worktop last for a long time.

glass worktops

Glass Worktops

Glass is a reflective kitchen surface suited for modern kitchens.
Advantages: Glass worktops provide a beautiful atmosphere to the kitchen. Its increased durability makes it heat, water, and acid resistant.
Disadvantages: Glass is prone to scratching and needs frequent wiping to prevent liquid stains.

wooden worktops

Wooden Worktops

Wood offers a warm and natural look to your kitchen. It is suited for dining and food preparation areas.
Advantages: Wood is the most economical and eco-friendly kitchen worktop choice. Wood kitchen surfaces are hygienic due to their anti-bacterial properties. It also improves with age and can last for many years.
Disadvantages: While it wood worktops are affordable, they require routine maintenance. Another downside to wood is that they are prone to stains and may scorch due to hot pans or darken due to contact with moisture.

granite worktops

Granite Worktops

Granite is a natural material and suits traditional kitchen worktops because of its timeless beauty.

Advantages: Granite kitchen worktops look stylish when polished. It is extremely durable – heat, water, and stain proof. Granite surfaces are easy to clean.
Disadvantages: Granite is an expensive worktop material. It is heavy and must be supported by a sturdy base cabinet.

Selecting the right kitchen worktop material depends on your needs. Here are specific questions you can ask yourself before you choose the material:

  •  Do you have children or planning for a family? Choose a durable worktop such as composite stone or granite to withstand all those scratches and pesky stains.
  • How frequent are you going to use the kitchen? If you cook often, consider getting heat and water resistant surfaces. Exposing wood to too much heat and water might not be a wise decision.
  • How much do you plan on investing? If you are on a tight budget but in need of style and flair, consider choosing laminate.

Each surface type offers a range of practical and aesthetic options. If you are still undecided and would like to hear professional advice on what suits your personal style and budget, please call us on 0208 216 2041 or use our contact form here.

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