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How to create a kitchen that will sell your home

Has lockdown given you itchy feet? Well you’re not the only one. After months of being stuck inside the same four walls, it appears that everyone is now in the market to move. The property sector is booming – house prices are 3.8% higher than this time last year – and the government has announced a ‘holiday’ from stamp duty, so it really is a great time to move. But, if everyone has the same idea, how do you make your home stand out from the rest?

The answer lies with what is probably the most used room in the house – your kitchen. No longer reserved for just cooking and eating, the kitchen has become a place we relax, watch tv, do homework, host parties…in fact, there’s not much your kitchen isn’t used for. Which is why it plays such a crucial part in selling your home.

Ok, so we’ve identified the hot spot to help put your property at the top of everyone’s viewing list. Now you need to make sure it’s looking its best – but how? And more importantly, how can you do it without spending a fortune?


New worktops

Although often overlooked, worktops are an essential part of any kitchen and can make or break its overall appearance. Just replacing worksurfaces is a far cheaper alternative to a completely new kitchen and the results can be equally as impressive.

There are many to choose from – wood, laminate, stainless steel – but some of the most popular include granite, marble and quartz. These natural stone worktops not only come in a wide choice of colours (so you can easily match in with the rest of your kitchen décor) but they also appeal to a broad market. Successfully weathering all kitchen trends over the years they remain a firm favourite, so if you want your kitchen to be a key selling point, opt for one of these as your replacement worktop.



Poor lighting can make a kitchen seem gloomy and uninviting. It can also make it appear smaller than it really is. But don’t worry, there are a number of different lighting options you can consider to improve things.

Under-cabinet lighting, track lights, a statement pendant light, are all great ways to brighten things up. Sometimes though, the easiest and most cost-effective option is to simply use lamps. Dotting a few attractive lamps around to illuminate dark corners and cast more light across the room can make a real difference.

Remember to use high wattage bulbs for areas where you will be cooking and softer tones for more ambient mood lighting, especially if your kitchen includes a dining area.


Add an island

Island units are a big hit in kitchens – without a doubt, they add value to your home, whilst also increasing work surface and storage.

Perhaps you’ve previously ruled an island out thinking you don’t have enough space. But don’t dismiss the idea just yet. Island units don’t have to be big and they can be a great way to divide up small areas and make space more workable.

If you really can’t accommodate an island unit, perhaps you could squeeze in a small breakfast bar area – with just a narrow run of worktop or a small unit overhang? You’ll be amazed how easily you can make better use of tight spots. Why not speak to a worktop expert to find out how you could make more of your space?


Refresh the rest of the space

New worktops and lighting are often enough to really transform your kitchen but if you still feel like something is missing then consider the following extra steps:

• Replace or paint kitchen door cupboards – sticking with existing units and just replacing cupboard doors will keep costs down. Still too much? If your doors have seen better days but you’re loathed to part with money for new fronts, try giving them a lick of paint – it can make all the difference.
• Replace cupboard handles – smarten things up with contemporary handles.
• Swap top cupboards for open shelves – this can give a more minimalist look and helps to open up space.
• Paint the walls – opt for light neutral shades to enhance the feeling of space and freshen things up.


Sneaky tips

So that covers some of the most effective ways to transform your kitchen but there are still a few ‘extras’ you can try to really seal the deal.
• Declutter you worksurfaces – this makes workspace appear bigger and allows potential buyers to visualise their own possessions in situ.
• Buy a few key pieces – a fancy knife stand, a butcher’s block, even a touch of greenery with a pot plant. These will help your kitchen to look great and sell your home…but they all go with you when you move!
• Understand your target buyer – recognising your most likely buyer can be key to bagging the sale. If you’re a large family squeezed into a small apartment, are you most likely to be selling on to another family or a young singleton? Thinking about these things can help you to adapt your space according and dress your kitchen to appeal to your buyer.
• Put the coffee on – sometimes the oldest tricks are the best. Comforting smells like baking bread or a pot of freshly brewed coffee wafting in the air when people view your kitchen all help to increase its appeal.


The most foolproof way to make your kitchen look great though? Without a doubt, replacing your worktops and, here at the Marble Store, we have a whole host for you to choose from. With a speedy turnaround – we can fit worktops within 10 days of templating – your kitchen will be tempting buyers in no time. In fact, it will be looking so good we wouldn’t be surprised if you changed your mind about moving!

Why not get in touch with the team today to find out more about what we can do for you.



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